1⅔ cupsbread flour
1 tspsugar
1 tspactive dry yeast
1 tspsalt
¾ cupice water
1 tbspextra-virgin olive oil

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Step 1/3

1⅔cupsbread flour1tspsugar1tspactive dried yeast¾cupice water1tbspextra-virgin olive oilliquid measure up cupmedium bowlwooden spoonkitchen towel

Combine the ice cream water v olive oil. In a medium bowl, add flour, yeast, and also sugar. Mix well then include the water mixture. Mix well v a wood spoon until the dough comes together. Let the rest, covered, because that 10 min.

Step 2/3

After the dough rested because that 10 min, sprinkle salt end the dough and also knead again, this time with your hand, until it is smooth. Then, you have the right to store the dough in the fridge for approximately 24 hours and also make pizza later, or rest it in a heat place because that 1 hour ~ 1 1/2 hour and make pizza.