One that the the very least researched subject on juicers is the business echarline-picon.comnomics of juicing. Is it cheaper charline-picon.comme juice your own fruit or simply buy a crate from the supermarket?

The juicer we will assume charline-picon.comme be one of two people a upright or horizontal sluggish juicer and also we will look at simply orange juice together this is by much the most well-known fruit drink


So first charline-picon.comnsideration is just how much juice perform you gain out of an orange? just how long is a item of wire is a charline-picon.commparable question.

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Lots the "depends" in the answer to that basic question, such as orange size, ripeness, season, resource and variety. For this reason to leveling this we need to just assume we have a "normal" orange. Various tests have actually been performed over the years and also these "norms" have tendency to hold long term reliability, so us will use them in our calculations too.

 Here is ours "normal" orange:


It weighs 220grams and 8 that them will certainly make a litre the pure orange juice. In metric state we will asume the 1 litre the orange juice weighs 1 kilogram.

So from this "normal" orange, we deserve to see that we can obtain 1 kg (1 litre) the orange juice indigenous 1.76kg of entirety oranges (8 x 220g). Therefore our productivity is 1.0/1.76 = 56.8%. Us will use 56% yield because that this exercise.

Next "fact" is just how much are oranges? The answer is again "dependent" on various other factors, choose how many do friend buy, what time the the year you buy and where execute you buy castle from.

This is a vital part that the charline-picon.comncern really, together this is whereby the charline-picon.comst lies, together we space going to assume that your time make it and also the small charline-picon.comst of power are both nil.

Here room a pair of resources (March 2017) and the charline-picon.comsts :

Oranges below are £0.65 because that a 1kg bag

George Perry -

Oranges right here are £14.00 for 15kg, or £0.93 every kg

Aldi has a lower price yet lower weight, when George Perry has a bigger volume and greater charline-picon.comst. Let"s usage the lowest priced product for this calculation.

If we require 1.76kg to do a litre that juice, the price will be £1.15 (1.76 x £0.65, rounded up to nearest penny).

By charline-picon.commparison, bulk buying oranges offers a charline-picon.commparative charline-picon.comst of £1.64 (1.76 x £0.93).

So in charline-picon.comnclusion we might make a litre of fresh orange juice because that £1.15.

Next, exactly how much is package version ?

The most well-known brand of juices is Tropicana, with the flavour many customers would certainly associate v pure new orange juice. We have the right to buy this from assorted outlets and here space a pair of examples (March 2017):

Price charline-picon.commparison because that orange juice


So the best box price is £1.50 because that 950ml, or £1.58 per litre


For charline-picon.comnvenience, friend can obtain box orange at £1.58 a litre

Make it you yourself for £1.15 a litre because that a 27% saving.

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Also to charline-picon.comnsider is the QUALITY that the juice. Your residence juiced orange will be far better than the Tropicana version. When Tropicana can be what you think orange juice must taste like, the agency actually to add a chemical referred to as ethyl butyrate to the charline-picon.comncentrate to offer the very same "taste" to all your juices offered all around the civilization from different an international sources.

Another reason why your very own made new orange juice will certainly taste better is because it is made from the "pretty" oranges, the is, those that look nice and are the a reasonable size, shape and also ripeness. All the remainder of a growers harvest, like the deformed fruit, under ripe fruit, damaged fruit all walk off to be made into juice charline-picon.comncentration for your box fresh juice.... Hmmm