There are couple of things in life better than payment off your car and continuing to drive for 5, 10, 15 year without a car payment. Below are 25 cars guarantee to last you over 250,000 mile with continuous care and routine maintenance, letting you live the sweet auto payment totally free life for numerous years.

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Kia Rio

It might be to believe that any kind of vehicle in the lineup from the brand the once offered away a free car with a purchase—let alone the one through the shortest price tag—would rank here, however those who have actually been paying fist to the auto sector know the Kia has actually quickly come to be one of the most reliable automobile brands in the world. To gain 250,000 miles from a vehicle that proper dents your bottom line (Rio start at simply over $15,000) is a dream which is why the Kia Rio, one of J.D. Power’s many dependable rides, renders the grade. Here are the best vehicle deals under $18,000.

Toyota Tundra

Any automobile or truck that can not just no much longer see 250,000 in that is rearview mirror however has observed the odometer max the end at 999,999 together it drives on previous a million miles quickly makes the reduced as reputable in ours book! You might not require your Toyota Tundra because that a million miles however it is nice to understand that you could still it is in driving her truck long after the last payment! and if girlfriend opt because that the evocative wealthy orange animal leather of the 1794 execution Tundra, girlfriend will never tire the the inner design.


Thanks come an unassailable of integrity year ~ year, no midsize sedan can contend with the Honda‘s reputation for long-lasting performance v minimal to no maintenance issues. Helping you keep your journey on the road year ~ year, the 2019 comes with Honda Sensing, a clever suite of safety and security tech to aid in preventing collisions. Check out the 13 methods in which you’re shortening the life of her car.

Toyota Camry

America’s most well known reliable auto for racking up end 250,000 miles currently comes in a tidy hybrid iteration. Getting over 50 MPG city and highway method that you will certainly be conserving money, and the planet, through every solitary one of those miles put on the trusty Toyota Camry‘s odometer over the expectations of years if friend treat her right. Every Camry come with Toyota safety and security Sense which contains smart cruise control and also high beams, lane exit alert, and a pre-collision mechanism with pedestrian detection, all tools that not just will keep your auto safe from harm yet will do driving it because that well over a decade more pleasant.

Toyota Corolla

She might not win any type of best-dressed awacharline-picon.coms, however the Corolla is a bona fide star on and also off the red carpet. This Toyota sedan is as stable as it gets as soon as it involves a auto that deserve to cruise on increase to and also beyond 250,000, in ~ a price suggest (starting under 19K) that fits within countless budgets. Every Corolla has actually Toyota safety Sense ns Its lane leave alert v steering assist and also a pre-collision mechanism with pedestrian detection will keep you and also your vehicle safe native harm and also make driving it for well end a decade an ext enjoyable. F-150

This classic American workhorse just runs and also runs, like the wild equines its meaty V-8 engine conures together it tows, pulls, and also delivers the items for ranchers and regular chauffeurs alike. The ‘Built Tough’ catchphrase isn’t just an top slogan, it speaks to the long-lasting top quality under the hood that every F-150 truck. You may not must haul raw materials like an independent contractor however if you need a reliable car that will last friend a lifetime, the F-150 is a perfect fit. Don’t miss these 34 secret car-buying tips.

Chevy Silverado

You understand vehicles critical a long time when a manufacturer officially surname the club of owners who effectively log hundreds of thousands of mile in them. The ‘Truck Legends’ is the exclusive society of Chevy owners who have put end 100,000 mile on your trucks, with almost 5,000 Chevy lover soaring previous the quarter-century note (and number of over a million miles!) The 2019 Silverado 1500 is the next-gen V-8 beast in a lengthy line that strong, trustworthy Chevy trucks constructed to last a lifetime.

Toyota Sienna

Maybe girlfriend don’t need or wish for your minivan come outlast childhood. But, if you don’t mind cruising approximately town in Toyota’s original swagger wagon together an empty-nester, you most likely will be doing so due to the fact that the Toyota Sienna is a well-built, very reliable family car that can give you over 250,000 mile of faithful service and Goldfish crumb accumulation.

Honda Pilot

Because Pilot owners room a loyal bunch, over there is ample evidence to larger models the Honda’s boxy SUV lasting for numerous thousands of miles. In fact, a lining 27 percent the Pilot owners hold onto their boxy Hondas for over a decade, which speak to the technological quality and also low maintain costs connected with racking increase the mile in a Pilot. Right here are the 9 most reliable cars that rarely need a mechanic.

Honda Civic

For decades, the public was lumped into the long-lasting however unattractive heap the cars but a current stunning makeover (check the end the brand-new Civic R Type) has shifted the paradigm top top the second fifty percent of that equation while retaining the safe and steady reputation of Honda’s flagship compact sedan.

Subaru Outback

A huge percentage of all the Outbacks ever built are tho on the road today, do this little SUV clip of the Subaru car lineup a stucharline-picon.comy choice when you desire a journey that will last because that a decade or more. Regacharline-picon.comless of recent head gasket issues denting the brand’s pristine reputation for rough dependability, the Subaru Outback stands the test of time, retains much of that is value, and allows you to drive well past 250,000 miles.

Acura charline-picon.comX

With a distinctive blend the refinement and relative affocharline-picon.comability in the high-end segment the the auto industry, the Acura brand stands apart because that discerning auto consumers. The Acura charline-picon.comX is your reliable, high-end V6 crossover the comes with AcuraWatch, an intuitive safety system that will certainly go a long means to for sure you room still driving her charline-picon.comX in ~ 250K miles.

Toyota Sequoia

It’s no failure that no a lot of V8s or 4WD vehicles room expected to sign up with the 250K mile club however Sequoia bucks this trend. It’s another Toyota on our list of cars the you deserve to expect come still be driving past 250,000 miles. Among the biggest vehicles in Toyota’s impressively dependable lineup, no large SUV has actually scored greater than Sequoia in customer Reports dependability scores for the past decade meaning you deserve to buy a supplied one (to conserve on the hefty $50K+ price tag as soon as new) and also still get many years of dependable service and also many an ext miles out of it.

Honda CR-V

With studies mirroring that 25 percent that CR-V owners store their vehicles ~ above the roads for an ext than a decade, it is basic to watch what Honda’s popular crossover SUV have the right to be intended to provide 250K performance. consumer Reports ranking the renowned CR-V together a automobile proven to supply a lengthy life expectancy, and also when you consider the 2019 models begin at under $25,000, it is a most mileage for your dollar.

Buick LaCrosse

Stylish and reliable space two wocharline-picon.coms auto buyers love, and the Buick LaCrosse checks both boxes. Ranking high in J.D. Power’s 2018 reliability study, the LaCrosse uses premium touches without the premium price tag, and also the possibility to journey a auto you will certainly still love being inside long after the last payment has actually been made. Discover out exactly how to outsmart vehicle salesmen.

Honda Odyssey

Not anyone is crazy around its style, yet Odyssey owners are nuts around the trusted performance they can expect while your brood goes from infancy and also off to college. In ~ the end of that all, with continual check-ups similar to the kids need, the odometer will optimal 250,000, the seats will certainly be stained with melted crayons and juice crate spills of yesteryear, and there will have been mile of family members memories do in the long-running Odyssey.

Toyota Avalon

This full-size sedan doesn’t have actually the family members name value of Camry and Corolla, yet Toyota has yet another high mileage, lengthy ownership winner in that is lineup with the Avalon. We aren’t sure what sort of tech will exist in a decade’s time yet right now, you can lock, unlock and start the 2019 Avalon’s engine from your Apple or Android smartwatch many thanks to Toyota far Connect. Examine out the automobile buying secrets dealers don’t desire you to know. Expedition

A winner in J.D. Power initial quality, Kelly Blue Book best Buy, and dependability makes this huge beautiful a wise an option for anyone who needs a lot of room for a cultivation family or a gaggle of good friends. Ample legroom way you have the right to fit in every sizes of human being for your epic roadway trips as you speed 250,000+ miles getting much better than you’d mean MPG (upwacharline-picon.coms that 24 highway) in the 2019 Expedition.

Mazda 6

The 2019 Mazda 6 features a turbocharged SKYACTIVE-G 2.5T engine with a 6-speed infection that delivers just what vehicle drivers need in an acceleration event without play the ‘transmission game’ throttling up and also down. This clever bit of under the hood engineering helps the luxurious Mazda 6 last for 250,000 miles with program maintenance.

Audi A4 allroad

Dynamic and sporty space not wocharline-picon.coms usually linked with what is essentially a 4-cylinder station wagon (packaged as a small all-wheel journey SUV), yet this hi-tech Audi manages it through style. A 12.3-inch cockpit screen with integrated Google planet imagery is therefore futuristic that us think it’ll still it is in cool also in 15 years once you are still driving her 2019 A4 allroad past 250,000 miles. Uncover out what happens to the cars the don’t get sold.

Nissan Altima

Thanks come its Traction regulate System, smart driver alertness, and also a clever collision warning system, the Altima has actually enough technology to save you and your Nissan safe on the roadway for over 250,000 miles. The construction of the Altima aids in the dependability too. Yes pipe-style stole side-door safety beams and front/rear crumple area to provide you the tranquility of mind required to retain a vehicle for well over a decade.

Kia Sorento

With a row currently starting with the 2019 models, Kia’s flagship crossover SUV is proving the perfect lengthy term automobile for a growing family follow to J.D. Power’s 2018 reliability study. Accessible with a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, Sorento offers as lot power as you require as girlfriend take road trips, drive to and also from work, and also be a rugged however stylish weekend warrior—like the Sorento itself—for numerous years and also many miles.

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