Lorelai Gilmore was damaging with money. We already knowthat the Gilmore Girlscharacter might not possibly have afforded she home, clothing a child, andeating the end multiple times a day. In fact, in actual life, theinn manager would certainly have remained in serious debt just from her coffee addiction,alone. What about her parents, though? everyone who has seen a solitary episode ofthe series knows that Richard and also Emily Gilmore come from a most money, butcould they afford their home and also their employee of maids and also valets?

How much would it have expense Richard and also Emily to employ their staff?

The Gilmores had actually a bevy of help keeping their house humming.Not only did the duo employ a maid for the totality of the series, however a chefwas top top hand to do the family breakfast, lunch, and also dinner, and also Richardbriefly work a valet during his season 5 separation indigenous Emily.

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According to Payscale,a personal chef can expect to earn in between $50,000 and also $70,000 per year, dependingon whereby they work. A housekeeper have the right to expect to receive approximately $35,000 to$60,000 every year. The salary range is mainly dependent on whether or no thehousekeeper wake up to live on-site. The Gilmores appeared to rental at leasttwo maids at a time, back their employee did no live on-site.

In season 5, Richard moved out that the main house and intothe guest house. He employed a valet during that time. A valet is considerablydifferent than a butler, yet their earning potential is similar. According to theInternational butler Academy, a butler can expect to earn between $50,000and $150,000, add to benefits, depending upon who they work for. If Richard andEmily were paying your staff typical salaries, it’s safe to assume they wereshelling out about $300,000 per year in wages.

Could the duo afford your lifestyle?

How much money the Gilmore household had was never actuallydiscussed, back Lorelai once suggested they had actually infinite money. The lack ofhard number was likely by design, however it’s easy enough to come up with anestimated figure. Richard and Emily to be both from household money. Richard was anonly child, an interpretation he likely inherited all of his parent’s assets, besides themoney they collection aside for charity, upon their deaths. Emily, who had actually siblings,never stated much about her family, however it is known that her grandfatherfounded one area hospital.

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Richard likely made roughly $600,000 every year functioning in the insurancebusiness, based on estimated salaries in the industry. Include in investments andmoney inherited native the family, and also it’s safe to i think thecouple was worth roughly $50 million. That way Emily and also Richard had actually morethan sufficient money come pay your staff. In fact, they most likely made enough money ininterest alone to salary the earnings of your maids, valets, and chefs.

Was Rory Gilmore living turn off of a trust fund in GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life?

When pan met up v Rory after nine years, she was living a “vagabond existence,” together Emily placed it. Rory’s failure to break into the journalism company seemed to have actually very couple of consequences, though. Prior to giving up her apartment in Brooklyn, she was paying rent and jetting turn off to London in ~ the autumn of a hat. Some fans wondered exactly how Rory could afford her lifestyle without any type of discernable income. The answer seems relatively straightforward; Rory had actually a to trust fund.

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Richard noted that the could transform the regards to Rory’s trustfund at any time after he became concerned that shewasn’t going to return to Yale. The amount in that account was neverdisclosed however likely was sufficient to store Rory afloat for several years if needbe. Richard and Emily even offered to purchase an apartment in Manhattan thatshe can live in ~ she i graduated from school. That seems completely plausiblethat, aside from she trust, Richard and also Emily were offering her enough cash tolive very comfortably. Unlike Lorelai, Rory wasn’t versus using the family’s moneywhen necessary.