2. Finish the volume portion of the Geometry graphics Organizer (save to your Google Drive).

Geometry graphics Organizer **Save to her Google Drive!

3. Complete the Google type to present your mastery the the skill!

Finding Volume evaluate **Show your work!

Step 2:

You are having a birthday party. You desire to give your favoritecandy, Hershey Kisses, together a party favor. You room trying to decide on the finest vessel for the party favor. You are deciding between a party hat(cone), a mug (cylinder), or a record box (rectangular prism). Youneed to identify which vessel will organize the most Hershey kisses.

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1. As a team, identify the volume the a Hershey kiss.

The Hersey kiss has actually a height of 1 inch and also a radius of 0.5 inches.


Savage, Scott. (2013, January 2). Day27: Food (2 Hershey Kisses Kissing… that is Kinda food).

2. Then, every team member needs to recognize the volume of their vesseland then recognize how many Hershey kissed will certainly fit in to the vessel.

Team Member 1: How numerous Hershey Kisses right in to a party hat?


. (2013, might 15). Partyhat_icone.png.

The party hat has actually a height of 9 inches and also a radius that 2.5 inches.

Team Member 2: How countless Hershey kisses right in to a mug?

. (2010, in march 28). CupGlass Blue Mug Equipment.

The mug has a height 6 customs inches and a radius of 2 inches.

Team Member 3: How numerous Hersey kisses fit right into a file box.


. (2015, November 25). Howto do an Origami Box-Tutorial

The box has a length of 8 inches inches, a height of 2 inches, and also a width of 4 inches.

3. Together a team create a Google Presentation. Your presentation should have actually a location Page and also a slide mirroring the volume the the Hershey kiss the you produce together. Once each member has established the volume of their vessel and also determined how numerous Hershey kissed deserve to fit in to that vessel, every member should develop a google slide sharing your findings. Then, together a team create a conclusion slide that claims which courage you decided to use for the party! (6 slides total)

Step 3:

1. Watch the instructional videos on finding surface area.

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Surface Area of a Cone

Surface Area the a Cylinder

Surface Area that a Prism

2. Finish thesurface area section of the Geometry graphic Organizer (saved to her GoogleDrive throughout Step 1).

3. Complete the Google form to show your mastery that theskill!

Finding surface ar Area assessment **Show her work!

Step 4:

1. Check out this websites because that some instances of making use of geometry in genuine life.

Real people Surface Area Problems

Real civilization Volume Problems

2. Include examples of real human being items of each 3-D figure to her Geometry graphic Organizer (saved to her Google journey from action 1).

3. Each team member needs to come up with an original, real worldsituation entailing solving for the surface area of your 3-D hard from step 2. Each group member should add two slides come the group Googlepresentation. One slide should have the initial math problem and also animage and also the other slide should present how to settle the problem. (6 slides total)

Step 5:

1. Share your group"s Google Presentation (12 slides all together) through me and also your individual graphic organizers.

2. Test her findings from action 2 utilizing the real Hershey kisses, party hat, mug, and paper box at the mathematics table in the back of the room. Was her math accurate?