If you"re new to the civilization of hot tubs, you might be concerned about whether or no your patio or deck will be able to support the load of a standard warm tub. You likewise may have actually just bought a hot bathtub and you"re wondering about how plenty of gallons the will host to gain a much better idea of her future water usage.

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Of course, over there are countless factors that go into figuring the end how countless gallons that water room in a warm tub, consisting of the size, shape, and capacity.

To aid you obtain a far better understanding that how plenty of gallons the takes to to fill your warm tub, we"re going to check out the assorted sizes so the you have the right to prepare for the lot of water friend will must use.

Calculate How countless Gallons the Water her Hot tub Holds based on Size

On average, the smallest hot tubs that you"ll discover from manufacturers space two-person warm tubs. Typically, two-person warm tubs will hold anywhere from 150-220 gallons of water. A traditional deck need to not have any type of problem supporting the load of a two-person warm tub.

For those who desire to take it it up and also get a three-person hot tub, you have to expect it to hold everywhere from 200-300 gallons the water. Similar to a two-person warm tub, a three-person hot tub should be fine ~ above a typical deck.

If you"re looking in ~ a 4-6-person warm tub, you may need to begin considering part reinforcements. An mean 6-person hot bathtub typically holds anywhere from 320-475 gallons the water. A 6-person hot bathtub may present challenges for those who place their hot bathtub on the deck relying on the number of people who room in it at one time.

There room a few ways to calculate how numerous gallons that water your warm tub"s interior can handle.

One that the easiest ways to number out how many gallons you"ll need for your hot bath tub is to look at the manual.

If girlfriend misplaced the manual a while back, girlfriend can always run a rapid Google search to view if you can discover the lot online.


If friend can"t uncover that information, you can also calculate the variety of gallons of water her hot bath tub can hold manually.

To gain started, you"ll an initial need to grab a tape measure.

If friend are dealing with a square or rectangular warm tub, you will should use her tape measure to figure out the length, width, and depth. When you have actually those measurements, friend will must multiply the width by the depth. Division that number by 1,728. (1,728 is the figure that we usage to convert the number of cubic inches to the number of cubic feet)
Round hot tubs space different. If you have actually a round warm tub, you should measure the width throughout the main point that the tub and measure up the depth. As soon as you have the diameter, you will multiply the diameter by the depth. Divide that number by 1,728.
If her hot bath tub has seats, main point your an outcome by 2.4.
If your hot tub does not have seats, multiply the an outcome by 4.8 instead.
Once you have actually finished, girlfriend will understand how countless gallons that water fit in your hot tub"s interior.
Filling MethodLastly, you can use the timed fill method. Friend can figure out the capacity of your hot tub and how countless gallons the holds through filling her hot bathtub with a hose. Make certain you time the filling procedure so friend know exactly how long it took to fill.

Use a timer to save track of exactly how long the takes to reach capacity. Gain a glass of alcohol while girlfriend wait. You worthy it!
Once the hot bath tub is full, friend will need to calculate how numerous SECONDS it required to fill.Get a solitary gallon jug

Use your hose to to fill up the jug v water and time and stop the timer once it is full. The number you avoid at once the jug is complete is your flow rate per gallon.
Divide the moment it required to fill your spa v water by the time you simply recorded v the jug. This number will provide you one approximation regarding how many gallons space in your hot tub.
The gallons that water in your hot tub will rely on the dimensions (length, depth, width), whether your hot tub has seats, and the number of seats her hot bathtub has.

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A 6-person hot tub will host far more than a 2-person hot bathtub (swim spas space an entirely different game)
There space plenty of methods to manually measure how numerous gallons are in a hot tub, despite the easiest way is come look for your hot bath tub manual.

We hope that this was useful in giving you an idea of how many gallons you have the right to expect to discover in the average warm tub!