The construction of the Water Molecule

A molecule the water is written of two atoms that hydrogen and one atom the oxygen. The one and only electron ring roughly the cell core of every hydrogen atom has actually only one electron. The an unfavorable charge of the electron is well balanced by the positive charge the one proton in the hydrogen nucleus. The electron ring of hydrogen would certainly actually like to possess two electrons to develop a secure configuration. Oxygen, top top the other hand, has two electron rings through an inner ring having actually 2 electrons, which is cool since that is a steady configuration. The outer ring, ~ above the other hand, has actually 6 electrons but it would favor to have 2 more because, in the second electron ring, 8 electrons is the stable configuration. To balance the an adverse charge of 8 (2+6) electrons, the oxygen nucleus has 8 protons. Hydrogen and also oxygen would choose to have stable electron configurations however do no as individual atoms. Lock can acquire out that this predicament if they agree to share electrons (a type of an power "treaty"). So, oxygen shares one of its outer electrons with each of two hydrogen atoms, and each that the 2 hydrogen atoms shares it"s one and also only electron through oxygen. This is called a covalent bond. Every hydrogen atom thinks it has two electrons, and the oxygen atom thinks that it has 8 external electrons. Everybody"s happy, no?

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However, the 2 hydrogen atoms space both top top the very same side the the oxygen atom so that the positively fee nuclei that the hydrogen atoms are left exposed, so to speak, leaving that end of the water molecule through a weak optimistic charge. Meanwhile, top top the various other side the the molecule, the excess electrons of the oxygen atom, offer that end of the molecule a weak an adverse change. For this reason, a water molecule is called a "dipolar" molecule. Water is an example of a polar solvent (one of the best), capable of dissolving many other compounds since of the water molecule"s unequal distribution of charge. In solution, the weak positive charged next of one water molecule will certainly be attractive to the weak negatively charged side of one more water molecule and also the 2 molecules will be organized together by what is referred to as a weak hydrogen bond.

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In ~ the temperature range of seawater, the weak hydrogen bonds are constantly gift broken and also re-formed. This offers water some framework but allows the molecules to slide end each other easily, making it a liquid.