Online calculator to convert hectometers come decameters (hm to dam) through formulas, examples, and tables. Ours conversions carry out a quick and also easy means to convert in between Length or street units.

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Conversion Calculator

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How to transform hm to dam: get in a value in the hm field and click top top the "Calculate dam" button. Your answer will appear in the dam field.

Conversion Definitions

The adhering to is a perform of meanings relating to conversions in between hectometers and decameters.

What is a hectometer (hm)?

A hectometer is a unit of length or distance in the Metric System. The symbol for hectometer is hm. There room 0.1 hectometers in a decameter. The worldwide spelling because that this unit is hectometre.

What is a decameter (dam)?

A decameter is a unit of length or street in the Metric System. The symbol for decameter is dam. Typically a decameter is described as a dekameter and then the symbol used is dkm instead of dam. There space 10 decameters in a hectometer. The worldwide spelling for this unit is decametre.

Conversion Formula

Let"s take it a closer look at the conversion formula so that you deserve to do these conversions yourself v a calculator or through an old-fashioned pencil and also paper.

The formula to convert from hm to dam is:

dam = hm x 10

Conversion Example

Next, let"s look at at an instance showing the work and calculations that are involved in convert from hectometers come decameters (hm come dam).

Hectometer to Decameter counter Example

Task: transform 25 hectometers to decameters (show work)Formula:hm x 10 = damCalculations:25 hm x 10 = 250 damResult:25 hm is equal to 250 dam
For rapid reference purposes, below is a switch table that you have the right to use to transform from hm to dam.

Hectometers to Decameters counter Chart

hectometers (hm)decameters (dam)
1 hm10 dam
2 hm20 dam
3 hm30 dam
4 hm40 dam
5 hm50 dam
6 hm60 dam
7 hm70 dam
8 hm80 dam
9 hm90 dam
10 hm100 dam
20 hm200 dam
30 hm300 dam
40 hm400 dam
50 hm500 dam
75 hm750 dam
100 hm1,000 dam
250 hm2,500 dam
500 hm5,000 dam
750 hm7,500 dam
1,000 hm10,000 dam
2,500 hm25,000 dam
5,000 hm50,000 dam
7,500 hm75,000 dam
10,000 hm100,000 dam
25,000 hm250,000 dam
50,000 hm500,000 dam
75,000 hm750,000 dam
100,000 hm1,000,000 dam
250,000 hm2,500,000 dam

This table provides a summary of the size or Distance devices within their particular measurement systems.

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UnitSymbolMeasurement SystemDescription
inchesin or "US Customary Units/Imperial System36 inches = 1 yard
feetft or "US Customary Units/Imperial System1 foot = 12 inches
yardsydUS Customary Units/Imperial System1 yard = 3 feet
milesmiUS Customary Units/Imperial System1 mile = 1760 yards or 5280 feet
picometerspmMetric System1 m = 1,000,000,000,000 pm
nanometersnmMetric System1 m = 1,000,000,000 nm
micrometersμmMetric System1 m = 1,000,000 μm
millimetersmmMetric System1 m = 1,000 mm
centimeterscmMetric System1 m = 100 cm
decimetersdmMetric System1 m = 10 dm
metersmMetric Systembase unit
decametersdam or dkmMetric System1 dam = 10 m
hectometershmMetric System1 hm = 100 m
kilometerskmMetric System1 kilometres = 1,000 m
megametersMmMetric System1 Mm = 1,000,000 m
gigametersGmMetric System1 Gm = 1,000,000,000 m
nautical milesM or NM or nmiNon-SI (International)1 nmi = 1,852 meters
angstromsÅNon-SI (International)10,000,000,000 Å = 1 m
rodsrodNon-SI (International)320 rods = 1 mile

Note: for Length and also Distance conversions, us Customary Units and the imperial System are equivalent.

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