One that the most typical questions we get at Mason Jar way of life is around Mason jug sizes. “Will this right on my Mason jar?!”, “Does this fit a constant Mason jar?” and also “Does this fit a common Mason jar?” And we acquire it! I’ve been on her side of the computer screen before, finger poised over the buy Now button of a pair the cute, size 7 shoes wondering, “Will this fit??” i always undertake a 7… well virtually always. What if this isn’t among those times!

Don’t panic! We’ve decide to put every one of your questions around regular mouth and large mouth Mason jars to rest below in our an extensive size overview post!

We’ve even produced an awesome printable you can use at house just come be sure you’re obtaining the ideal size accessory for your Mason jar! read down further for directions and also illustrations on exactly how to use it.

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First the Basics:

Good news! there are only TWO lid sizes because that Mason jars – regular and large mouth – and the difference between them is much less than an inch.

So even if it is you have actually a 4 oz continual mouth jelly jar or a 32 oz consistent mouth quart jug – the lid dimension doesn’t change! nice neat, huh?!

That way you can offer your son a glass of milk in one 8 oz (half-pint) regular mouth jar v a straw lid and also metal straw and also then wash and reuse the same lid v a much longer straw in her 16 oz (pint) consistent mouth jar v cold brewed coffee in it! So lot versatility!

Also the major Mason jar brands, Ball, Kerr, and also Bernardin (their Canadian brand), are made by the same parental company, Newell Brands, therefore you deserve to expect consistency throughout the majority of the commercially accessible Mason jars.

These two facts will certainly simplify her accessory shopping for sure!Back come Top

Regular Mouth or large Mouth:


Both of this a-Mason jars have a lot come offer and also canners and Mason jar enthusiasts absolutely have their preferences. 

For me personally, that comes down to what I’m making use of the seasoned for that determines if i reach for a broad or continuous mouth

So let’s compare them and then I’ll show you how to use our nifty printable overview at home.Back come Top

Mason Jar dimension Comparison Chart:Regular Mouth Mason jug SizeOuncesCupsHeightWidth
MidpointStraw Size
Jelly Jar4 oz½2 ¼”2 ¾”N/A
Half Pint8 oz13 ¾”2 ⅜”Short
Three soldier Pint12 oz5 ¼”2 ⅜”Medium
Pint16 oz25″2 ¾”Medium
Quart32 oz46 ¾”3 ⅜”Long
Wide Mouth Mason jug SizeOuncesCupsHeightWidth
Straw Size
Half Pint8 oz12 ½”2 ⅞”N/A
Pint16 oz24 ⅝”3″Medium
Pint and a Half24 oz2 ½6 ⅝”3″Long
Quart32 oz46 ½”3 ¼”Long
Half Gallon64 oz89 ⅛”4″Extra Long
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Regular Mouth:

The regular mouth jar to be the initial model and measures 2 ³⁄8″ because that the inner diameter and 2¾” for the outer diameter. It regularly has the iconic Mason jar form (tapered top and broader at the bottom – just prefer me!) and also is extensively popular and available. Friend can conveniently score some constant mouth jars at garden sales and your favorite thrift store whenever you need to include to your collection. In generally, canners like a constant mouth jar for pourable foods such as sauces, jellies, and also jams.

Here in ~ Mason jar Lifestyle, we usage accessories to turn our constant mouth jars into virtually anything! below is a chart with the sizes constant mouth jars the are available and some said ideas:

Regular Mouth seasoned SizeTypeWith accessories, it could be supplied for…
4 ozjellySnacks, dips, organization, kid-size portions
8 ozhalf-pintHot & cold children cups, crafts, sorting, pen holder
12 oz3/4 pintCandle holder, dried goods, toothbrush holder
16 ozpintHot & cold drinks, flower vase, soap pumps
32 ozquartSolar lights, coin banks, bug house, dry goods

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Wide Mouth:

The vast mouth jar is the more recent kid ~ above the shelf and also measures 3″ for the within diameter and 3 ³⁄8″ because that the external diameter. This model has actually a distinct benefit in the cleaning category because it’s much simpler to fit her hand and/or sponge into the opening. Canners favor large mouth jars for entirety fruits and also veggies together they’re easier come fill.

Here at Mason jar Lifestyle, the broad mouth jars gain A LOT of love! we love them because that drinking, do salads, and also consuming leftovers. Some more ideas include:

Wide Mouth jug SizesTypeWith accessories, it might be provided for…
8 ozhalf-pintSnacks, dips, spreads, ramekin through a lid, wait freshener
16 ozpintHot & cold cups, leftovers, to-go lunch, straw organizer
24 ozpint & halfTo-go smoothies, salads, hot & cold large drinks
32 ozquartCold imminent coffee, save juice, soup, snacks, nuts, and also more
64 ozhalf-gallonFermentation, sunlight tea, dry an excellent storage, countertop compost

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Another popular questions is which jars room freezable and also which aren’t. The prize is if the jar has straight political parties (no tapering / shoulders) then it’s freezable. On part jars there’s a to fill line marked for freezer use yet the general rule of thumb is to leave fifty percent an inch (½”) of open an are at the peak to permit for expansion. We’ve significant which ones are freezer for sure on our octopus friendly printable size guide and also our broadened versions for your convenience:


Jar Sizes and Uses:

The Regular Mouth Mason Jar heat Up


Jelly jug – 4 oz – ½ cup


This sweet tiny jar is around 2 ¼” tall and is freezable. It’s perfect to usage for jellies, jams, customized condiments, jazzed increase butters, dipping sauces, and also infused vinegars.

We love them approximately Mason Jar way of living to to organize office supplies favor paperclips, rubber bands, pushpins, and more! They’re likewise helpful in organizing tiny bits of craft supplies favor buttons or right pins. Include one of our plenty of decorative lids because that style and also function!

Got a stinky fridge, cabinet, or bathroom? placed some baking soda in your jar with among our cut out lids for adorable, stink-reduction!

But my all time favorite usage is for SNACKS!  The 4 oz seasoned is perfect because that breaking up huge bags the goldfish crackers and other foods that must be retained airtight and fresh with one of our storage lids – we have stainless steel, cork, or plastic. Because that snacking kiddos, ns recommend adding a silicone sleeve for break protection.Back to Top


Half-Pint – 8 oz – 1 cup

The half-pint, continuous mouth, Mason jug is about 3 ¾” tall. Canners love this jar for jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit syrups, chutneys, and pizza sauce. It’s also a great fit v our quick size straws or grab a combo load of straight, much safer or thin, bend straws.

Around the house, this handy sized jar is perfect for kid’s drinks! I save an assortment of silicone sleeves, painted straw lids, and also metal straws top top hand because that playdates! each kid have the right to customize their cup and also keep track of it all day (saving my dishpan hands!). We include a silicone drink lid to the jar and sleeve because that kid-sized, hot, to-go drinks – our tradition is hot chocolate in the vehicle while looking in ~ Christmas lights!

This jug is likewise a great size for organizing! obtain your craft edge straightened out and also stylish with decorative lids. Tidy up your workdesk with a frog lid to save your pen in place.Back to Top


Three soldier Pint – 12 oz – 1¼ cups

The quilted jelly jug is the most famous version of the 12 oz Mason jar and also it measures about 5 ¼” high. This beauty have the right to be provided as a drink cup with any type of of our regular mouth lids and medium size straw in stainless steel, glass, or silicone.


Here in ~ Mason jar Lifestyle, we love the 12 oz size for house décor projects and also they’re extra attractive with their quilted pattern! include a continuous mouth soap or lotion pump come beautify your bathroom. Tame the sink chaos with a toothbrush holder or sundry lid for cotton balls and swabs.

This is also a good size to use with our solar lights exterior which have the right to hang from her fence, pergola, or tree using among our take care of options.

No matter just how you decide to use this unique jar, it’s sure to include some style and also elegance!Back to Top


Pint – 16 oz – 2 cups

The consistent mouth pint jars room a famous choice, have actually that above Mason jug shape, and measure about 5″ tall. A pint size jar is an excellent for drinking every sorts the beverages! throw on a silicone sleeve, drinking lid, and medium straw for your perfect on-the-go cup!


Buy staples in bulk? Hey, me too! This dimension jar makes a perfect counter top container to neatly pour liquids making use of our cruet lid or stylishly serve sugar through our diner layout dispensing lid. You can easily store other dry goods and also easily pour them out with a regular mouth pouring lid.

Entertaining? The pint dimension jar is bag perfectly with our tiki torch sheathe or table top and also hanging candle holders to carry ambiance to your gathering.Back to Top


Quart – 32 oz – 4 cups


Get ready to meet The thirst Buster! This quart jar package 32 glorious ounces that hydration and also measures a little under 6 ¾” in height. It’s perfect paired with a silicone sleeve, drinking lid, and also long straw for on the go, in ~ the gym, or at her desk!

Watch your merganser day vacation fund pile up in a beautiful quart seasoned by adding a coin slot insert, such together our stainless steel option. You can even decorate the jar through adorable chalkboard labels!

Hanging out in the backyard? grab a 32 oz quart jar and also a continuous mouth solar light to include a little twinkle to your evening.

A quart seasoned is also an excellent for bug catching or storing bulk dry goods with a storage lid or pour spout.

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Wide Mouth line Up:


Half-Pint – 8 oz – 1 cup


The 8 oz half-pint seasoned is short and round (I feel ya, sister!) measuring about 2 ½” tall. Our favorite use for this small cup is SNACKS!!! ns mean, that doesn’t choose snacks! The

vast mouth half-pint has actually a huge opening into which hands conveniently fit. Plus v a plastic or stainless steel storage lid you deserve to keep her food fresh, wait tight, and also leak proof! so buy those very delicious treats in bulk and easily portion them out when you obtain home.

Whether it’s hummus, ranch, or cacao ganache, this vessel will accommodate all your dipping needs! You deserve to mix, transport, serve, and also store every in the one container. If you’re taking it on-the-go, usage a silicone sleeve for added protection (and cuteness!).

Add whimsy and also rustic charm to your following gathering by offer individual sections of mac & cheese or custards in half-pint Mason jars rather of ramekins – just remember they aren’t high temperature oven safe so stick come no bake recipes prefer THESE.

Here at Mason jar Lifestyle, us love making use of the 8 oz jar as an all herbal air freshener by incorporate baking soda, important oils (optional), and a cutout lid because that flair and ventilation. Put one of these in your fridge, bathroom, basement, mudroom, and also wherever smell lurk.Back to Top


Pint – 16 oz – 2 cups


The broad mouth pint is just one of our favorite jars at right here at MJL (just emergence in our dishwasher)! This versatile jar measures around 4 ⅝” high (a little shorter than it’s consistent mouth pint jar counterpart) and is a an excellent fit for her hand. This handy jar is probably my favourite go-to for my morning cup for heat coffee, especially when paired v a silicone sleeve and silicone drink lid with stainless stole band. Pictured here is my coffee in our handsome faux leather sleeve with handle – another good choice! It’s likewise a good fit with all of our medium size straws or grab a combo fill of straight, much safer or thin, bent straws.

Make her life easier with the vast mouth pint together it’s a great fit for placing up individual sections of homemade soup or dinner leftovers for super simple lunch packing. As soon as I execute this, I use a silicone lid liner and stainless stole band. Then at reheating time, ns only must remove the steel band and place the lid liner slightly off-center as soon as popping my food in the microwave. Minimizes dishes and also keeps the microwave clean – that’s a win/win!

If you choose to save things organized, then the large mouth pint is perfect for keeping pens, markers, brushes, straws, and more neat and tidy – just add a frog/flower lid!Back to Top


Pint and also a half – 24 oz – 2 ½ cups

The pint and also a fifty percent Mason seasoned is bound for favourite drinking vessel at the MJL warehouse (again – see dishwasher). With it’s thirst quenching volume of 24 oz, capability to to the right in most auto cupholders and sturdy elevation of 6 ⅝”, it’s the perfect jug for all day hydration. Ns personally moving a pint and half around with a silicone sleeve, silicone straw hole lid, and also long straw all day long. BONUS: this seasoned is near in height to the continual and broad mouth quart, so you can use the very same size straws because that both!

Are girlfriend a everyday smoothie kinda person? well the pint and also a half jar has actually a comparable capacity to numerous shaker bottles! you can include a ReCap lid, pour and also store lid v handle, and/or smoothie straw to make your shake simple to drink and transport.

Grabbing a rapid bite at her desk? This jar is a an excellent size for storing and reheating leftovers, soups, lentils, or enjoy a fresh eco-friendly salad.Back come Top


Quart – 32 oz – 4 cups


The large mouth quart (about 6 ½” height) and also regular mouth quart (about 6 ¾” height) jars are very close in size (about ¼” difference) and are pretty lot the very same width for this reason you have the right to use the same length straws (long) and silicone sleeves because that both. The vast mouth quart is my husband’s go-to jar for drinking at home and the office.

Love cold brew coffee? The quart dimension cold brew coffee filter is my personal favorite (though we have pint and fifty percent gallon together well!). It’s so straightforward to brew and then strain and store in the fridge all in one jar. Shot a pour and also store lid with manage for freshness and also easy serving.

Want come brighten up your décor v flowers? climate a broad mouth quart v a frog/flower lid renders that easy and also stylish! The large base makes it a stable vase and also the large mouth offers you several room for arranging. Back to Top


Half Gallon – 64 oz – 8 cups


The greatest of the vast mouth Mason jars is the fifty percent gallon measuring at 9 ⅛” tall. When you need a many something – this is the jar because that you! i love the half gallon for parties and also I make up a large batch of sun tea, fresh lemonade, coffee punch, or one more festive beverage and then serve through a pour and also store lid through handle.

Got a lot to pickle or ferment? climate the half gallon jar is the what you require with a glass fermentation weight, 3 piece air lock, and silicone straw hole lid.

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The half gallon is also a an excellent size for bulk dry good storage, cold unavoidable coffee (we have a filter for that!), countertop composting, and also so lot more!

We likewise sell extra lengthy straws because that these large beauties if you’re yes, really thirsty in both stainless steel and glass!Back come Top

How To use The Mason Jar size Guide:

We created this handy dandy Mason seasoned size overview to assist you understand if girlfriend have continuous or broad mouth Mason seasoned so the you deserve to order accessories through confidence. For accuracy you’ll desire to be certain you’re to press this PDF record on letter size document (8½” x 11″), in landscape, and also at 100% size. Friend can double check you’ve printed it correctly by measuring among the circles to check out if you have actually the correct dimensions.

Once you have your Mason Jar way of life Size problem – printable size guide ready, you deserve to lay her jar over optimal of the one to watch what even if it is it’s a regular or vast mouth Mason jar:




Remember if it’s a Ball, Kerr or Bernardin brand Mason jar, climate it’ll be a regular or wide mouth Mason seasoned (with very couple of exceptions prefer the “mini” jar versions – such as the sphere 4oz mini warehouse jar and also Classico Atlas jars). Occasionally you’ll uncover store brand or various other jars the end there and they might not fit neatly right into the consistent or wide mouth categories so make sure you double check what brand your jar is.Back to Top

Label Size guide For Mason Jars:

As ns was act my research study for this article, ns came across another blog post which gives label sizes for miscellaneous shaped stickers on various canning jars. I believed that can be a valuable reference device for canners and crafters. Friend can examine out Canning Craft’s Canning brand Sizes blog short article if you’re curious!

Wow, that’s a the majority of information! hope I’ve covered all her Mason jug size related questions. If not, autumn a comment below and let me understand what you’re still curious about. You can also ask end on society media. Sign up with the conversations walking on right currently on our Facebook business page, Mason seasoned Lifestyle, or on facebook group, life The Mason seasoned Lifestyle! us are likewise on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Looking front to connecting with you soon!Back come Top