There’s some leftover mozzarella in the fridge from the salad or homemade pizza you made.

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How long does mozzarella cheese last?

Or you’ve bought a mozzarella bread (or stick), and you’re wondering just how its warehouse time compare to tough cheeses.

Either way, friend could advantage from knowing a point or two more about mozzarella. And that’s what this post is every about.

Couple that mozzarella balls

How long Does fresh Mozzarella Last and also How to store It

Fresh mozzarella large for approximately a week past the date on the label. When you open up the bag, the cheese keeps between 3 and 7 days, depending upon the storage method.

Fresh mozzarella doesn’t last that long. Its day is usually about three to four weeks from the produce date, for this reason the warehouse time is shorter than one of blue cheese or Brie.

As you more than likely know, you constantly keep mozzarella in the fridge. Because that leftover new mozzarella, there space two warehouse options:

Wrapped in plastic.Such mozzarella keeps nice and also moist for about 3 to 4 days.Submerged in water or brine.This option allows you to save it in good quality for up to a week.

It’s best to save fresh mozzarella in the liquid that’s in the package.

If friend discarded it, use water or water through salt (half a teaspoon salt per one cup that water). Go v the last if her mozzarella is salted. Change the liquid every 2 days.

If girlfriend go with wrapping the mozzarella round in plastic, make certain it’s tight. Otherwise, the cheese will begin drying out and also harden.

Mozzarella balls in a container

How come Tell If new Mozzarella Is Bad?

Discard your fresh mozzarella if:

It’s moldy, or there are some discolorations on the surface.It grow mold much much faster when it’s not spanned in liquid. Cutting the end the spoiled area and also eating the rest isn’t safe – remove the totality thing immediately.It smells or tastes sour.Sour mozzarella amounts to old mozzarella. If it’s a bit sour that won’t provide you a stomach pains or anything, yet you certainly won’t choose the experience.It’s all dried out or hardened.If girlfriend wrapped mozzarella in plastic wrap and the cheese has dried out, you more than likely didn’t carry out a very great job that it. Hardened mozzarella is no an excellent quality-wise, and also getting rid of it is probably the finest choice.
Mozzarella starting to spoil

Is a little sour or partly dry mozzarella in reality spoiled?

Not really. Unless there’s mold or any type of other obvious sign that the cheese is excellent for, the rest is a issue of personal preference.

As i mentioned, eat sour mozzarella shouldn’t do you sick, and also the exact same goes for hardened mozzarella balls. At this point, it’s all around the quality.

Bag of mozzarella balls

I, for one, am not bothered much if the food high quality isn’t optimal anymore.

When I view mozzarella gaining old and start to turn sour-ish, I have actually no trouble consuming it. Yet I would never ever serve it to my wife (who cares about food top quality a bit much more than ns do) or any kind of guests we’re having.

If the leftover mozzarella doesn’t taste as great as you’d like, eliminate it.

Breakfast with scrambled eggs and also mozzarella

How lengthy Does Mozzarella loaf Last and also How to store It

Unopened mozzarella blocks critical for about two to three weeks previous the day on the label. As soon as you open up the package, the rod keeps top quality for approximately two, possibly three weeks.

Mozzarella rod (or loaves) last a little bit longer 보다 fresh mozzarella, however still nowhere near hard cheeses like Parmesan.

The date on the label is usually about two to 3 months that the packaging date. And because that lasts longer, it likewise keeps quality much longer past the date.

Mozzarella block ~ above a cut board

Once you open up the package, you should keep the cheese wrapped so that it doesn’t dried out.

If you have the right to use the original plastic plunder to do that, great. Otherwise, usage plastic plunder or cheese wrap, and also make sure the dairy product product is wrapped well. A plastic bag can work too; just remember to eliminate all the air prior to sealing it.

If those two to 3 weeks of warehouse time aren’t sufficient for you, consider grating the leftovers and also freezing them.

Melted mozzarella

How to Tell If Mozzarella bread Is Bad?

When checking if your mozzarella block is still it s okay to eat, execute the following:

Look because that mold or other discolorations on the surface.If there’s just a small spot ~ above the surface, girlfriend can reduced it out (and climate some), and also eat the rest. If it’s rather large, obtaining rid of the block is the far better choice.Check the smell.If that smells cake or off in any other way, it’s time for it to go.Consider warehouse time.If the loaf sit in the refrigerator open up for like six weeks, it’s much better to assume it’s expired and also get rid the it. Yes, even if it appears alright.
Prepping panini through mozzarella

Besides that,the leftover stick deserve to dry out and also harden over time, together Gouda or Edam cheeses do.

Hardened mozzarella is fine because that melting, yet not that an excellent otherwise. If the latter is the case, cut away the dry area and enjoy the rest.

An old mozzarella block functions well in recipes where you melt it, like, e.g., mozzarella sticks, paninis, and various toppings.

Mozzarella block and also slices


Always store mozzarella refrigerated.You deserve to store new mozzarella in the liquid it comes in, do brine yourself, of wrap the in plastic wrap.Fresh mozzarella big for up to a week previous its date, and also for three days come a mainly after opening.Store mozzarella bread wrapped properly, so the doesn’t dried out too quickly.Mozzarella block lasts for a pair of weeks after opening.

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Panini through mozzarella. My an initial try. The sandwiches tasted much better than castle look.