When you must ship a auto from phibìc Carolina come California, friend need car shipping specialists you deserve to rely on. V our advanced network of over 14,000 open and also enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can provide you through a safe and also reliable method to delivery a car from phibìc Carolina to California.

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Pickup almost everywhere in north Carolina distribution Anywhere in California

We provide direct door-to-door car shipping organization from any residential or service location in north Carolina to any type of location in California.


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When you must ship a car from phibìc Carolina come California, girlfriend need auto shipping professionals you deserve to rely on. With our advanced network of over 14,000 open and also enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can provide you with a safe and also reliable method to ship a car from north Carolina to California.

Pickup anywhere in phibìc Carolina shipment Anywhere in California

We administer direct door-to-door car shipping organization from any type of residential or service location in phibìc Carolina to any kind of location in California.

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Based on current dispatch reports, the carrier ease of access rating from phibìc Carolina to California is 9/10.


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“Super quick an answer time - dubbed on a Wednesday and my car was picked up the Friday. Transport from phibìc Carolina come California ~ above time through no issues! ”

Steven D.Greensboro, NC

“Just moved to CA from phibìc Carolina and also my cousin recommended RoadRunner. Amazing customer service and it was a very smooth and easy process.”

Christian G.Fresno, CA

“I transport my Tacoma indigenous Charlotte to mountain Diego, CA with RoadRunner. They retained me well informed the totality time and also they were really professional.”

Robin Q.San Diego, CA


"I would definitely use RoadRunner Auto transport again there is no a doubt. Excellent in its entirety service from start to finish."


"I was able to acquire a quote and book in ~ a couple of minutes. Straightforward and convenient endure - give thanks to you RoadRunner!"

"RoadRunner gave us a same price and was maybe to choose up when we needed. An extremely professional from begin to finish."

"From the time of quote come the choose up of my vehicle and also the distribution there to be a very good communication."

North Carolina (NC) is a southeastern state, nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and also the Atlantic Ocean. Differed landscapes choose beaches, hills, mountains and barrier islands make North Carolina a good place to spend time outdoors. Great Smoky mountains National Park and also Cherokee Indian Reservation space a couple of of the choices for experiencing the beauty of phibìc Carolina, which have the right to be accessed via the famed Blue Ridge Parkway.

As among the original thirteen colonies, NC has a long history and several flourishing and also historic cities. Charlotte is located in the southwestern part of the state and holds the location of biggest city in the state, when the capital, Raleigh has actually a more main location in the state, not far from Greensboro and Chapel Hill. One of North Carolina's cases to reputation is the its seaside city, dubbed Kitty Hawk, was the location of the bright Brothers' first successful powered flight.

Nicknamed "the gold State", California is situated along the Pacific coastline of the unified States. The is bordered by Oregon come the north, by Nevada and Arizona come the west, and by Mexico come the south.

The resources of California is Sacramento, and also its biggest city is Los Angeles. California is the most populous state in the united States, with an estimated populace of over 38 million. California is the third largest state through area in the country, v a total of 163,696 square mile (423,970 square kilometers).

California is divided into 58 counties and also there space 481 included cities and also towns. There space five major metropolitan areas in California, roughly which most of the states populace resides. These metropolitan areas are Los Angeles, the san Francisco bay Area, Riverside-San Bernadino, mountain Diego, and also Sacramento.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Get answers to several of the most generally asked questions around the automobile shipping process.

How lot does it cost to ship a car from north Carolina come California?

The cost of shipping a automobile from phibìc Carolina to California depends on the type of vehicle you room shipping and the timeframe you intend to ship. Calculate your North Carolina to California automobile shipping quote soon via our online quote calculator come get precise rate for her transport.

The approximated transit time from north Carolina to California is 5 - 7 days. The approximate street for this path is around 2,700 miles. Standard carriers commonly travel an average of 500 miles every day. Expedited service is also accessible for shipments the require faster delivery.

Shipping a automobile from north Carolina come California through RoadRunner is as straightforward as 1-2-3. Step 1 - Calculate her instant automobile shipping quote and select a convenient time because that pickup. Action 2 - Your vehicle is picked up from your sepcified place in phibìc Carolina. Step 3 - Your automobile is delivered to your specified place in California.

Yes, plenty of of our company clients require business from salvage auctions and other species of auto auctions. Every auction will have various requirements to release a vehicle and also we'll acquire all the essential details from girlfriend at the moment of booking. Please make sure the vehicle is fully paid and ready for release from the auction. Also be mindful that if a automobile is booked as operable yet it transforms out the vehicle is inoperable there will be extr cost and the original transporter may not be able to accommodate an inoperable vehicle.

The additional in advance you schedule your shipment, the an ext likely us will be able to meet the time needs you desire. For finest results, we imply scheduling your transfer at least 2 to 3 mainly in advance. Expedited shipping options are accessible in order come accomodate shipping that require . Friend can constantly give us a call and ask one of our auto shipping experts what your alternatives are in regards to the schedule because that your vehicle transport.

Open deliver is the many common vehicle shipping method. There space two types of open-air transporters. Majority of shipments are be made through 8-10 automobile carriers. Smaller sized carriers which hold 2-3 cars are supplied for shorter an ext local moves. Over there is more comprehensive network that carrier availability for open-air carriers due to the fact that they are used much more often. We suggest selecting enclosed shipping approaches when shipping classic, deluxe or exotic vehicles. Attached transporters guarantee maximum security from exposure to any kind of open-air aspects on the road. We indicate booking your enclosed transfer in breakthrough since there is minimal carrier availability.

RoadRunner Auto transfer specializes in shipping all types of vehicles such together sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, oversized vehicles, antiques, standard cars, motorcycles, building and construction vehicles, inoperable cars and also boats. If you room not certain whether or no we can ship her vehicle, you can give us a contact to find out what we have the right to do for you.

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