Defrosting in the refrigeratorCold-water thawingMicrowave thawing

You will also get step-by-step instructions because that each method, as well as other advantageous information.

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With that said, right here are the 3 different methods you deserve to use.


How to lengthy Does it require to Defrost Frozen Duck?

The lot of time that takes come thaw frozen duck will count on the kind of technique you use.

Some methods are faster than others, but ultimately that comes down to how quickly and also safely you desire it defrosted.

The chart below shows the general thawing time because that frozen duck, depending on the method.

MethodDefrosting TimeStorage Instructions
Overnight in the Refrigerator8-12 hoursAfter thawing, duck have the right to be stored up to 48 hrs in the refrigerator.
Cold-water Method25-60 MinsAfter thawing, duck deserve to be stored as much as 48 hours in the refrigerator.
Microwave5-10 MinsCook Immediately.

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How come Thaw Frozen Duck: 3 ideal Methods to Use

If you space looking come thaw frozen duck safely/quickly, it is best to use among the 3 encourage methods:

Overnight in the frozen refrigerator (recommended)Using the microwaveCold-water method

Each an approach is really different, but they’ll all have the frozen duck thawed and also ready to it is in used.

So let’s look in ~ each an approach in more detail to view which one will be finest fit for you.

How to Defrost Frozen Duck in the Refrigerator

The frozen fridge is the safest place to thaw frozen food due to the fact that it maintains a consistent temperature that 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This eliminates the possibility for the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

The thawing process will take number of hours, relying on the size of the duck. However, you deserve to expect it to fully or it is in close to fully-thawed in about 8-12 hours.

If you leave it overnight, it need to be thawed and also ready come go.


Remove the frozen duck from the freezerPlace in a pan or containerThaw overnight or until the frozen duck is fully defrosted. (It can take approximately 12 hours)Once thawed, eliminate from the refrigerator, prepare and cook.

Please Note: A thawed duck do not do it be maintained for more than 2 days in a refrigerator.

How to Defrost Frozen Duck in Cold Water

Thawing frozen duck in cold water is one more fast technique that can be supplied if you require the bird defrosted quickly. The thawing procedure should take less than one hour, but this will count on the dimension of the duck.

While the cold-water method is not as quick as the microwave, the is a safe an approach to use, as it reduces the opportunity of the growth of harmful bacteria together the duck thaws.


Remove the frozen duck native the freezer place it in a pot or bowlFill the bowl/pot through cold water until the frozen duck is totally submerged.The cold water must be readjusted every 10-15 minutes till the duck is thawed (can take from 30-60 minutes).Once thawed, remove from the water, prepare and also cook.

How come Defrost Frozen Duck in the Microwave

The microwave is the quickest an approach you have the right to use to thaw frozen duck. However, you need to be careful when making use of it, together if the duck is left too long in the microwave, there is a possibility that you could end up food preparation it.


Place the frozen duck in a microwave-safe container or plateMicrowave the frozen duck using the defrost setting. Relying on how large it is, it might take anywhere between 5-15 minutes.Keep an eye ~ above the duck to ensure the it is defrosting evenly and that it has not began cooking.Once thawed, the duck must be cooking immediately.

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Wrapping it up

Hopefully, you currently know exactly how to thaw frozen duck quickly and safely. Thawing that in the refrigerator is her safest bet, but if girlfriend are in search of speed then the microwave or the cold-water technique is your finest option.

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