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With just a slip on pipe, stock every little thing else and stock tires by radar gun v me riding the my boys hit 59 mph top top one pass and also 57 and 58 mph ~ above the various other passes ~ above pavement.
There appeared a Pale eco-friendly horse whose riders name was death; and hell followed with them.2007 525 Outlaw (#315), 2007 Predator 500 LE, Yamaha Raptor 350 (#784), 2008 Yamaha Raptor 250 (#605), JetMoto 150, 2006 Polaris Predator 90, Yamaha Raptor 502007 Outlaw 90 (2008 OCCRA A course 14 and also under state champion)


thats about what mine does completely stock had it at 57 next to my cousins crotchrocket on led road
Im reasoning of getting a roadway quad, im 18 so ns dont think I can insure anything end £350, just had a insurance allowance quote for a 350 raptor for third party, fire and also theft fo rabout £450 which aint bad, yet was wonder what IS much faster ont the road, 250 or 350? what should I look to get, i dont want to spend an ext than £1,500 top top the quad and also may look to mod later on down line, yet need to know top rate as twin crriage ways and motorways are 70mph!
Lucky. I would certainly love to be able to ride on the roadway (legally). I would say to get the 350 because it is a 6 speed vs. The 250 i m sorry is a 5 speed. Top speed ~ above a stock 250 is only about 50-55. Not certain on the 350.
i would certainly think if you aligned a 350 appropriate it would certainly be simple to get it approximately 65 in mine oppinion. Mite not have actually that low end torque to carry out a wheelie though. I freshly put a 15 this on my 350, and the equipment s seemed to it is in a hole lot furthermore apart, quite than stock. Share gearing top top the 350 seems favor your always changing gears.
If it dont SMOKE, the BROKE.Huntin bucks, and also drivin trucks.If it"s come loud, you"re come old.The south will climb again.

I have a 350 roadway legal in the uk I changed the 13 this front sprocket to a 15 tooth and also it is perfect for 70mph dual carridge means obviously you can"t give a height speed ~ above a quad together it"s all strength to weight on mine 350 I obtain up to roughly 70 and I to be 12 stone. I have no various other performance mods, by the way great luck detect a 350 roadway legal because that £1500.
Road legitimate 2007 Raptor 350Pro Taper SE bars / G-force spacers / CRD bumper / CRD A-Arm security / Ricochet engine skid plate / Trailtech Vapor / Procom CDI / Yamaha shock consists / DMP graphic / replacement warning sign / Renthal 15T sprocket / Upgraded 35W bulbs / Symtec boil grips / Powermadd hand guards with mirrors / Pro-Tech Nerf Bars / rear wavy disc.

2005 Raptor 350-Dyno Jet Kit-K&N Pro circulation System -Moose gyeongju cdi -Pro Cirtcuit T4 pipe-Pro Taper SE Handlebars with Blue Scott MX grips-Sunline Handguards -Dg full and swing eight skid plates-Rock prior bumper -Artrax MXT tires on itp t-9 pro rims all approximately -Tusk nerf bars-Primary journey chain and sprockets
ONLY thought JESUS can WALK ~ above WATER?04 restricted 686, every black, FMF strength bomb w/ R4 pipe, 11:1, Jetted through DJ, phase 2 cam, gentle port, warm rods bottom, no lid through Pro-Flo, agree nerfs, prior grab rear grab, +2 a-arms, spacers, Douglas 505"s,Ambush tires , powder coated everything.AKA: Black afflict 04 Honda 250Ex3 year old son,05 polaris predator 50, Hendricks pipe, milled head, jetted, filter, a-arms, spacers, 5000RPM stall, clutch kit, feet shots, durablue behind axle.

ive personally had actually my 350 walk 75 yes... 75 and i dont think the there has actually been any kind of tooth upping yet i walk buy the used... And also it wasnt precisely on level pavement and also my buddy was behind me in a vehicle so give/take 5-10... For this reason id speak go through the 350 for yes, really your no going to require anything over 65 ~ above a roadway if its anything choose the united state unless you obtain on an federal government (or whatever they are called where your
) great luck likewise it has actually reverse and the 250 does no so that would certainly be a deal breaker for me for a quad top top the road
2003 Raptor 660LE: Artrax MXT tires, Lexx MXe slip-on, Pro design intake & lid removed, Vito"s jet kit, agree Armor XC nerfs, IMS front bumper, IMS shifter, Tusk gas cap, Tusk instance saver, movement Pro levers, rock PB block off, GYTR shock covers, Pivot functions axle bearings, stainless take bar, slotted behind rotor, tinted lenses
2008 Raptor 250: Sold...
I noticed in her signature the you went under in size on her countershaft sproket. Ns would need to say the by lowering your equipment ratio, you room going to go slower. If you put on the share one it will go faster. The optimal speed is limited on the 250 by the CDI. It will certainly only permit the engine to rev therefore high. You have the right to put an after industry one that enables the engine to rev another 1000 rpm"s. This will allow the quad to have actually a higher top speed.
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Mines currently fallin out of powerband prior to the rev limiter for this reason it i will not ~ go any faster, it did 53 when I had the factory sprocket.
ONLY believed JESUS might WALK on WATER?04 minimal 686, all black, FMF strength bomb w/ R4 pipe, 11:1, Jetted through DJ, stage 2 cam, soft port, hot rods bottom, no lid v Pro-Flo, agree nerfs, prior grab rear grab, +2 a-arms, spacers, Douglas 505"s,Ambush tires , powder coated everything.AKA: Black afflict 04 Honda 250Ex3 year old son,05 polaris predator 50, Hendricks pipe, milled head, jetted, filter, a-arms, spacers, 5000RPM stall, clutch kit, hole shots, durablue rear axle.

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raptor 125 or 250what is better for acceleration and top speed in the shrub mud n ingredient 8)8)8)???:wow:
i have a 250 and also a 350. 250 stock is expect to top roughly 52mph. 350 not lot more, approximately 54. But some cheap mods can change that. For the road,350. 6spd trans. And reverse. A 700 raptor would put you whereby you desire stock.speed,6spd,reverse, but they cost more.
Stock 250 raptor level medium packed floor 20 customs tires 62mph... Transform that 20 come the stock 19s and also we gain 58 come 60._______________________________
thank, ns was going by what i was told, i guess i shouldve gained a gps and checked prior to passing along poor info.sorry
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