The long drive from mountain Francisco to Portland, Oregon have the right to take you follow me the Pacific Highway, through ancient forests and along the snow-capped Sierra Nevada hills - all impressive choices definition you have the right to take different routes on the method and when you come back.

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The 635-mile road expedition from san Francisco to Portland will take 10 hours to drive prior to taking stops into account. Longer routes along the Pacific shore Highway or the Sierra Nevada and also the Cascades space 900 and also 820 miles lengthy taking 17 come 18 hours.

Keep reading to discover all about the ideal routes, locations to stop and also things to see along the way.

How much is it from mountain Francisco to Portland and how lengthy will the road pilgrimage take?

The straight route from mountain Francisco to Portland is around 635 miles and also will take about ten hrs to journey before audit for rest, gas or overnight stops.

Given the distance involved, you more than likely don"t desire to spend an entire day satellite in a automobile so also if you"re picking the fastest route, allow at least 3 days to explore some the the national Parks and sights along the way.

If you have time on her hands, driving from mountain Francisco to Portland through the mountains will take 17 hours and also following the Pacific shore Highway will certainly take a lining 18 hrs on the road.

Both have countless amazing locations to stop and explore for this reason you"d really want to allocate a minimum that 5 work if you"re taking one of the much longer routes.

Lassen Volcanic national Park is north California is a picture-perfect mix of mountains, lakes and also forest.

Best time to walk on a road pilgrimage from mountain Francisco to Portland

The best time to go on a road expedition from san Francisco to Portland is native July come September. The weather is warm and also pleasant, do for an excellent hiking and exploration follow me the way and when you obtain to Portland itself.

The winter season gets cold and very wet in Portland with daily highs averaging in the mid-40s through December and January and also if you"re wanting to check out some the the remarkable nature along the way, the temperature in the forests and also mountains will certainly drop below freezing.

Early Summer suffers native the might Gray and also June Gloom impact of thick fog and also mist diminish onto seaside areas in the mornings. Although it will certainly usually settle by the afternoon, it would certainly be a shame to not gain the an excellent views if you"re driving along the Pacific coastline Highway.

Beware the if you"re planning to carry out the drive any time native late fall to spring, plenty of of the roadways through the mountains and some the the sights along the method will it is in closed and also not accessible.

You deserve to still do the expedition along the I-5 or via the coast, however the conditions there won"t be good either.

If you desire to prevent the summer crowds, going just after labor Day will probably the absolute best option when the weather is quiet gorgeous, however the visitor numbers and also prices drop.

Average temperature and rainfall in Portland, Oregon

If you"re to plan to spend some time in Portland, the summer month are certainly the ideal time to go. The weather is warm and dry, do the conditions perfect for experimenting the city. Check my detailed guide for the finest time come visit Portland for an ext details.

Average temperature highs and precipitationData sourced from U.S. NOAA Climate DataMonthTemperatureRainfall
January46.9 °F / 8.3 °C 6.14 in / 156 mm
February50.8 °F / 10.4 °C 4.63 in / 118 mm
March56.0 °F / 13.3 °C 4.50 in / 114 mm
April60.8 °F / 16.0 °C 3.40 in / 86 mm
May67.4 °F / 19.7 °C 2.55 in / 65 mm
June72.9 °F / 22.7 °C 1.69 in / 43 mm
July79.6 °F / 26.4 °C 0.59 in / 15 mm
August80.1 °F / 26.7 °C 0.71 in / 18 mm
September74.6 °F / 23.7 °C 1.54 in / 39 mm
October62.9 °F / 17.2 °C 3.42 in / 87 mm
November52.0 °F / 11.1 °C 6.74 in / 171 mm
December45.1 °F / 7.3 °C 6.94 in / 176 mm is one affiliate the and receives commission because that qualifying purchases make through links on this page.

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