Ok, have the right to someone you re welcome tell me how much 500 meters is? I believed at an initial this was a half mile but someone discussed it just being a quarter of a mile. So that would be favor 12 laps of an Olympic swimming pool right? Also, thanks to whoever mentioned DHL this assisted me discover the cheapest way to ship my bike! You"re awesome! ~K~

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If you desire to think of it in terms of a mile, a mile is an extremely close come 1600m, therefore 500 is a little over a 1/4 mile, like a lap about a track and a bit.

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WAIT a second here: You have the right to just type "500 meters in miles" right into Google and it instantly converts?!?! divine crap!!! 

Try googling her telephone number (w/area code). In many cases, a handy-dandy map come your home pops up.

The strength of google. Scary.

google"s power is certainly frightening sometimes!

laura, i LOVE the satellite photos! cool stuff. Ns took a screenshot of the area in honolulu i"m moving to following week, ideal on the sheet of waikiki. Mostly simply to email to friends and family to rub it in what a killer city i live in, lol.


my brand-new building is the circled one ~ above the right. Killer balcony overlooking the harbor best where the sunlight sets come the west, walking distance from the beach... I"m stoked!!

you parents have a location in maui?! sweeeeeet!! well, you"ve obtained a friend in honolulu come come visit following time you"re there!

if there"s one thing i hate, though, it"s obtaining that message: "We"re sorry, us don"t have imagery in ~ this zoom level." lol...

500m is 10 laps in many pools. An olympic pool is 50m but many human being refer come the pool at many universities as "olympic" when it is yes, really 25m/y. A football ar from goal heat to goal line is 100m therefore think of swim 5 lengths, or swim 1 and a quarter laps that a running track...about .3 miles

Assume the pool is 25 yd.

22 x 25 yd = 550 yd.

550/1.09 ~ 504 m

btw, 1 meter is about 10% longer than a yard. I.e. 1 m = 1.09 yd

22 time 25 = 550 yards. 1 garden = 0.9144 meters, so 550 yards = 502.9 meters. As for even if it is that"s a good time, that"s approximately you! basic conversions: 1 mile = 1760 yards or 1609 meters. So you can approximate 1/2 mile as 880 yards or 800 meters and 1/4 mile together 440 yards or 400 meters.
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(11 laps) is 550 yards i beg your pardon is approximately 500 meters. Thats much far better than I could do, yet I"m a huge guy who"s last out of the water.
So i"m act what i should do for my an initial tri already!! exactly how exciting. Ns guess i"ll work on speed now. I recognize not to compare myself to various other people yet what is everybody"s swimming rate for 500 meters. Offer me a clue to what i need to work for.
way come go! If i were you instead of basing what you have to be doing on rather times, collection a score for yourself that will certainly be controlled for you and see if you deserve to reach the goal. With that said, mine fisrt tri had actually a 1/2mile swim, I claimed to myself I want to perform it in 20 min, did it in a tiny less 보다 19min. Looking in ~ the outcomes of the gyeongju AFTER my swim ns noticed that ns was really sluggish when contrasted to others, yet you know what, i hammered my very first goal and left lot of of room because that improvement. An excellent LUCK, as soon as is your race?
Yea i was excited about my very first one too (assuming this is your very first one). Ns was really, dissapointed, though, as soon as I discovered out after ~ the gyeongju that the next day ns felt like I can do an additional one...why? because I"d just planned for one tri this summer and trying come fit miscellaneous in currently is an overwhelming but ns am yes, really going to tri..
have actually FUN!!!!
Here"s the best way i"ve found at finding out the dimension of the pool...(and this is comes from the girl who acquired really frustrated with lengths and virtually cancelled her first tri due to the fact that of it...my gym swimming pool is a actual olympic but my girlfriend gym has a short oly (half the size) she tells me the i have to swim 60 swimming pool lengths to make my race...and i"m like WTF!!! it is a large fat lie...hehe..i"m stoked...) The average human takes steps of around a meter (roughly 3 ft strides due to the size of the mean persons foot) I recognize these space all turbulent ROUGH estimates, but they work... If you walk beside a pool and also take 50 actions + or - climate you"ve gained yourself a real olympic size pool... (no shorty 25m..

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) ahh... You have NO idea how great it felt to finally figure out just how long my gyms pool really was...