One of the most vital figures that the French transformation was louis XVI. He was born on respectable 23rd, 1754 as Louis-Auguste at the palace of Versailles in France. His father to be Louis XV of France and the heir to the French throne. Luigi XVI, that belonged come the Royal house of Bourbon, came to be King that France in 1774 once his grand Louis XV died. Louis XVI father to be the next in line to the French throne but he passed away in 1765.In 1770, at the period of fifteen, louis XVI married Marie Antoinette, the fourteen year old daughter that the Emperor and also Empress of Austria. The marriage was i ordered it to strengthen the alliance in between France and also Austria. Top top her marital relationship to luigi she became the Dauphine the France.The personalities of luigi XVI and Marie Antoinette differed tremendously. Louis XVI to be introverted, shy and also indecisive. As well, he took pleasure in solitary activities, such as: reading and also metalwork. Whereas, she to be outgoing and craved society encounters such together parties.

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At the start of louis XVI’s reign, France was under theAncien Regimewhich to be a device based onabsolute monarchyand thefeudal traditionsof the mansions system. TheAge that Enlightenment, which had actually been occurring throughout the 1700’s started to introduce ideas to world in Europe that opposed this principles and were instead based upon liberty and equality. The spreading concepts of the enlightenment would ultimately lead come the outbreak that the French Revolution, which would certainly ultimately result in the finish of the French monarchy and also thedeath the Louis XVI.
Louis XVI’s downfall was also caused by the economic dilemm that challenged France transparent the so late 1700’s. For example, throughout the American battle of Independence versus Britain, France allied itself through the unified States and helped support the American battle efforts. Luigi XVI’s support of the war was expensive and also caused the country to push itself right into bankruptcy. This activity by luigi XVI proved costly, together his decision to aid in the war would eventually reason him to challenge a financial crisis in his own country as the treasury of France was drained. Together France slipped into crisis, louis XVI tried to deal with the country’s jae won woes by forcing increased tax rates on the citizens, including brand-new taxes because that the nobility. However, that did no anticipate the results of this decision together the French nobility operated to block his plans and also the third estate’s anger through the pure monarchy of the king grew more intense.The peasants that the third estate resented the wealth and also privilege the the king and also queen and also viewed the expense of the monarchy together expensive and wasteful, when they endured under the manors system. As well, rumors the the prices of the imperial family, specifically Marie Antoinette, created anger among the working class and also helped spark the violence of the revolution.

In order to try to solve the crisis, louis XVI dubbed the Estates-General in might of 1789. The Estates-General was a conference of the three mansions within French society which had the clergy, nobility and also the peasant classes. Louis XVI’s ministers, including the renowned Jacques Necker, spoke about the financial case facing the country however the meeting was doomed as the to represent of the three estates might not decide just how to lug out the vote. Eventually, the members that the 3rd estate left the Estates-General and also took the Tennis Court Oath. Next, upset Parisians stormed the Bastille, a prison fortress that, because that the working class, represented the government of the king. Louis go not acknowledge the definition of the storming the the Bastille and failed come respond come the early on stages that the French Revolution. In fact, he and his family left Paris in ~ this time and went come the royal residence of Versailles, which brought about the next major event the the French Revolution.On the fifth of October 1789, the group of working course women to be protesting the price that bread and on the 6th of October castle marched indigenous Paris come Versailles to confront the king. Top top arriving, the women killed several of the king’s guards, placing their severed heads on pikes, and forced the royal family members to return to Paris with them. In particular, the women were angered through the king’s failure to respond to the gaue won hardships dealing with the citizen of the 3rd estate.
Returned come Paris, luigi XVI and his mam Marie Antoinette were organized prisoners in the Tuileries Palace, while the revolutionaries revolutionized the country. TheNational Assemblyhad passed theDeclaration that the rights of Man and also of the Citizenwhich had limited the authority of king. Seeing his strength dwindled, and fearing the continued growth of the revolutionaries, luigi XVI and his household attempted to flee the country.
On the night that June 20th, 1791, louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and also their kids fled the Tuileries royal residence to shot to make it to Austria, in order to gather assistance from Marie Antoinette’s country of birth. The royal family members had been hosted prisoners in the palace after a lot of Parisian working course women compelled the royals to go back to Paris native the palace of Versailles. Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and their children snuck out of the royal residence in Paris disguised together servants and also took a carriage throughout the French countryside in the direction of France’s border with Austria. Luigi XVI had actually hoped to arrive in Austria and spark a counter-revolutionary movement amongst France’sneighboringcountries in order come retake regulate over the country.When the carriage come in the small French town of Varennes, that was stopped by a city official and the royal family members was recognized. Louis XVI had actually hoped the peasants exterior of Paris would certainly still support him and also the monarchy that he represented however he was mistaken. Peasants all throughout France to be struggling under his rule and also sided with the revolution more than v Louis XVI. The revolutionaries required Louis XVI and also his family to return to Paris and also removed the little remaining authority he still had. Luigi XVI was, native that suggest on, viewed as a traitor come the revolution. In fact, the attempt to flee by the royal family members removed any type of remaining respect the the citizens of France had actually for the king, and the French civilization now feeling betrayed. The failed effort to flee would also be crucial in the eventual execution the Louis XVI.

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On December 11th, 1792, the king was lugged beforetheconventionto hear the charges against him. He was charged v treason due to his attempt to flee the country, which was regarded as that abandoning his country. Next, top top January 15th, 1793, the representatives voted and passed their verdict the guilty. The well known revolutionary,Maximilien Robespierre, commented the “Louis must die therefore the country may live.” Louis’ punishment was death and on, January 21st, 1793, he to be beheaded through guillotine. His final words were stated to be: “I pardon those who room the reason of my death and also declare myself innocent of every one of the fees brought against me.” The French monarchy, which had actually lasted for over 1000 years, to be over.