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Average driving speed: 70.1 mphKilometers every hour: 112.8 km/hThis is based upon typical traffic problems for this route.

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View a map with driving directionsusing your wanted map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You can use to uncover outhow much is it to journey from Houston come Orlando with complete directions.

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Driving time indigenous Houston, TX come Orlando, FL

How long is the journey from Houston, TX to Orlando, FL? The complete driving time is 13 hours, 44 minutes.

Your trip begins in Houston, Texas. It ends in Orlando, Florida.

If you"re to plan a road trip,you might be interested in seeing the full driving distance native Houston, TX to Orlando, FL.

You can additionally calculate the cost come drive from Houston, TX come Orlando, FL based upon current regional gas pricesand an estimate of your car"s ideal gas mileage.

Since this is a lengthy drive, you can want to stop halfway and stay overnight in a hotel. Friend can find the city that is halfway between Houston, TX and Orlando, FL.

Planning to paris a plane instead?You can be much more interested in calculating theflight time indigenous Houston, TX to Orlando, FL.

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Driving through from Houston come Orlando deserve to be tired if you have actually one or two drivers. We recommend a stop at new Orleans and or Pensacola if you have actually the time to reap your journey.New olions is 347 miles from Houston and also 638 miles from Orlando. If you space looking for ideas on things to do, proposal Cemetery Tour, Plantation Tour, French 4 minutes 1 Tour, background and heritage Tour, cooking Tour, Garden Tour, Riverboat Tour, bicycle Tour and also more. French quarter is brand-new Orleans’ oldest neighborhood and the city’s social center. The 19th-century buildings are a mix of French, Spanish, Creole, and American styles. Coffee shop du Monde in the French 4 minutes 1 is the ideal place to protect against for coffee and French beignets (a form of donut).For those who prefer to relax at a beach, we recommend a stop at Pensacola Beach. Pensacola is 451 miles from Orlando. Enjoy Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island in the Florida Gulf Coast. Pensacola is perfect for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, diving, and sailing. For areas to stay check out