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I have actually a 2004 Accord (EX 4 cyl) which runs great. Had actually no significant issues (except brake judder) under warranty. Currently at 40 K miles showing an slight oil leak. The is close to or over the oil filter. I thought it to be becos the dealer no tightening oil filter properly. Got that checked out.Dealer says it might be oil pressure sensor or some solenoid :dunno: yet not loose oil filter !!I don"t think this is usual for Honda. Any method what you males think ? any type of body had similar issue? just how much might be invoice (approximate)? i am planning to get it excellent at the dealer. The is plan to carry out the dye check to uncover the exact source of the leak.I to be DIY guy for tiny things. But with 10 F level weather and also tight accessibility to oil pressure sensor it is not worth it.I to be really trying to find your opinion. Aranoid:

THE most usual is a filter that once it"s changed the old gasket stuck.... Therefore it"s now twin gasket-ed. It happens way too much. Occasionally they don"t leak best at first, then carry out later. Occasionally they loosen & leak. I"d think if it were the sensor... The light would certainly come on...:dunno: The oil pressure sensor is over the filter.... So if there"s oil on optimal of the filter, then i guess that wouldn"t be the filter itself.In that area is likewise the oil feeding pipe.
I kicked cancer"s butt! You might be next!!!! I made it through a fatal heart attack, PRAYERS WORK!(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_) butt dance.the recent in a lengthy line the Hondas: Ours: "06 Ridgeline RTL v Nav steel Blue, rear view & cargo cameras, iVES, hitch, INfinity speakers, running boards, alternative front grille, garnish, roof rack, now with 18" Ridgeline rimslittle "98 public sedan, everything still works! named Mater.
I happend to use emergency jack and also raise mine car. I see the oil over the filter. If ns am looking indigenous behind the engine the is leaking slightly on upper ideal hand side of the filter.I complained to the dealer ~ the oil change done at the dealer. They checked and also said that is not the filter. Lock are suggesting dye inspect to find the resource of oil leak.I am checking my options before ns take the dive. I am pissed :thumbsdow to see this happening to accord at just 40k miles.It is happening best after vouch expired aranoid:
I changed my oil tonight and there was oil anywhere the back part of the engine. It looks prefer the gasket began failing ~ above the filter. Over there is oil over and below filter so airflow has actually a role. That really can be her filter.

If that hasn"t to be wrecked or curbed method hard, then your finest bet is to have actually the dye check done. In reality either way.... Because you"d still require to know where it"s coming from. Girlfriend wouldn"t want components replaced on opinion. The dye is a good way to discover out. They placed some in & occasionally they examine it later that job or occasionally you take it home. To check it castle look at the car with a light & goggles... Similar to for blood top top CSI!!A hard impact can jolt one engine hard enough to crack it & do it leak too.aranoid:
I kicked cancer"s butt! You could be next!!!! I endured a fatal love attack, PRAYERS WORK!(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_)(_/_)(_l_)(_\_)(__)(_l_) target dance.the latest in a long line the Hondas:
Ours: "06 Ridgeline RTL through Nav stole Blue, rear check out & cargo cameras, iVES, hitch, INfinity speakers, to run boards, alternate front grille, garnish, roof rack, now with 18" Ridgeline rimslittle "98 civic sedan, every little thing still works! called Mater.

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