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In costume party season, the pressure is top top to hold a fun, unique party. One idea because that a fun party layout is encouraging her guests to pick a costume that starts with a specific letter of the alphabet.

Here are some ways to do that:

Allow guests to dress up in a costume pertained to their initials (or simply their first names if you desire to small their choices).Ask guest to dress up in costumes related to your initials.Choose one or two letters to inspire their costumes. These can be randomly or intentionally chosen.

When you first send out invitations, it's possible that her guests will certainly be confused about what you're questioning them to do. To avoid confusion, be sure to describe the idea thoroughly due to the fact that if your guests room confused, they can not dress up. Even worse, they could skip your party altogether.

This short article will give you some principles for costumes that begin with the letter "L," some based upon famous characters or people.

If friend have any kind of other ideas, please put them in the comments section so you can aid other civilization too.

Have a terrific party!


Various ladies to dress up as for Halloween

1. Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga is a recent pop star listed for she innovative and often outrageous style. Several of her much more famous looks encompass a dress made completely out of meat, a jail outfit, a dress the looks like a arsenal of bubbles, and a black-and-white harlequin inspired dress. Friend can discover some of these looks easily accessible for purchase in shop or online. In addition to her extremely designed costumes and makeup, she has actually a range of tattoos consisting of one that reads, "Born this way" top top her top thigh, one inverted peace symbol on inside wrist, and white daisy design on she shoulder.

2. Lady Beefeater: Beefeaters room the yeoman guards and also keepers the the Tower the London, named beefeaters by the fight it out of Tuscany in 1669. They room usually men, however for this costume, you deserve to have some fun and switch the gender. Undertake a red coat v gold embellishments and also an insignia, a level black hat, and also red tights.

3. Lady Bracknell: This lady is among the most memorable personalities from Oscar Wilde's play, The prestige of gift Earnest. First and also foremost a symbol of late Victorian and Edwardian culture, she is arrogant, ruthless, conservative, and proper. Undertake a lengthy Victorian dress v a high collar, a white decorated blouse, a big hat, and a parasol.

4. Lady Brimstone: Lady Brimstone is a famous name for a female devil costume or the devil's consort. To acquire her wicked look, wear a red dress through a collar, a belt, and red tights or fishnet stockings. Enhance this costume by wearing stylised makeup and carrying a pitchfork.

5. Lady Caroline Lamb: The wife of william Lamb, novelist, and also British aristocrat, Lady Lamb is best known for she tempestuous love affair through Lord Byron in 1812. After that rejected her, she became his stalker, frequently running after his coach, waiting external his residence and, on one occasion, gate-crashing a round blacked-up together his slave. To get her look, stay a long white lacy dress with an empire waist characterized by a blue bow.

6. Lady Emma Hamilton: This member that high society in the so late 18th and early 19th century is ideal remembered as the mistress of mr Nelson and the muse the artist George Romney. Obtain her look with a lengthy brown wig and very early 19th-century dress.

7. Lady Godiva: Now a renowned brand the chocolate, Lady Godiva was originally a personality from beforehand English history. The mam of Leofric, Earl that Mercia, she is ideal remembered for she habit of naked horseback riding v Coventry in 1040. To gain her look, wear a flesh-coloured human body stocking and a lengthy blonde wig. Depending upon the nature the the event, a hobby horse may it is in useful.


8. Lady Luck: Lady lucky is a fictitious character the personifies luck and also can be depicted in a number of ways. For example, you can include symbols of luck such together horseshoes and also shamrocks or aspects of gambling such together dice and also cards.

9. Lady Macbeth: One of the vital characters native Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, is one accessory to the killing of Duncan the King that Scotland. ~ the murder, she is beset v guilt and experiences nightmares that reason her come sleepwalk and constantly try to scrub the blood from she stained hands. One method to acquire her look would be come wear a long nightdress v fake blood on your hands.

10. Lady of Shallot: According to Arthurian legend, this pretty young maiden passed away of a broken heart after she love for sir Lancelot was no reciprocated. In a paint from the pre-Raphaelite period, Lady Shallot is depicted in a white, airy medieval dress with long hair and also a headband. For a more modern-day play on words, you could dress up together a medieval shallot.

11. Lady the the Lake: Another popular character native Arthurian legend, this character has gone through several different names such as Nimue, Viviane, and also Nyneve. She costume is based upon blue, green, and also silver flowing fabrics i m sorry echo the shade of the waters.

12. Lady the the Lamp: This was one of Florence Nightingale's nicknames together she was famous for transferring an oil lantern when doing ring at night to heal wounded soldiers. To portray this pioneer of modern-day nursing, wear a lengthy dark dress, an apron, a nurse's headdress, and also carry a lantern.

13. Lady Pimpernel: The Scarlet Pimpernel is a play and adventure novel by Emma Orczy set in 1792 during the very first stages of the French Revolution. Lady Pimpernel is the mam of fictional character sir Percy Blakeney who is also known together the Scarlet Pimpernel. You can either stay a costume an ideal for dress during the French transformation or a female variation of the Pimpernel himself.

14. Lady Viola: Gwyneth Paltrow illustrated this personality in the film, Shakespeare in Love (1998). You might either stay a middle ages dress v a long blonde wig or dress up as a male to represent the male duty she play in order to become component of Shakespeare's theatre troupe.


15. Lancelot: One that the knights of the round Table, Lancelot is taken into consideration to be among the greatest and also most reliable of King Arthur's knights—this despite the reality that that supposedly had an affair through Guinevere. Undertake chain mail, a towel tunic, black trousers, a hood, and a helmet. Equipment such as swords and armour can finish your outfit.

16. Lamb: Though this isn't a common off-the-peg costume, you have the right to easily create it with a white fluffy top, trousers, and black gloves and socks come portray the hooves. Beware of utilizing cotton to develop the lamb's fleece as it is flammable. Girlfriend can likewise use something called a confront bop i beg your pardon is a headband through ears and also a sleep attached come it.

17. Lamplighter: During victorian times, lamplighters to be responsible for lighting the gas lamps in the street in ~ dusk. A bad Victorian costume will be perfect for this character.

18. Soil Army: During people War II, the brother government created The Women's Land military to do agricultural work in the lack of guys who had actually been dubbed away come fight. The women's job-related was hard and also dirty. A common outfit would be khaki breeches, dungarees, a blouse, a headscarf, and also Wellington boots.


19. Lawrence the Arabia: T.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence that Arabia, to be a british officer renowned for his work in the Middle eastern prior to and during people War I. His life was depicted in the 1962 epic, Lawrence the Arabia, in i beg your pardon Peter O'Toole play the legend officer. Wear a long white robe, sandals, and a headdress or turban.

20. LAPD Motorcycle Cop: The Los Angeles Police room motorcycle cop is finest known indigenous the T.V. Series Chips. The band town People also had an LAPD cop among its ranks. Stay a black leather jacket, a policeman hat, a badge, a belt, and also black animal leather pants with boots to create this costume.

21. Lara Croft: Originally a video game character, Angelina Jolie lugged Lara Croft come life in the tomb Raider films. She put on a environment-friendly or black crop top, black color shorts, and tall boots. Undertake a total holster on every leg and a long, dark plaited wig.

22. Latin American Dancer: There room a number of Latin dances, each through its own costume. In general, you must wear other flashy and also colorful that has lots of activity for showing off when doing tight turns on the dance floor. Frills, sequinned bikinis, sophisticated headdresses, and also slinky slim-fitting dresses room all great options.

23. Laughing Policeman: The Laughing Policeman to be a publication originally published in Sweden by writer Sjöwall and also Wahlöö. It was the 4th police detective novel in a ten-part series. The main character is Detective Beck, who outfit consisted of of a 1970s policeman's uniform.


24. Legolas: Legolas is one elfin archer and also one the the nine members of the fellowship in The lord of the Rings. His costume is composed of a brown or environment-friendly tunic, dark trousers or tights, and also a long blonde wig. Elf ears and also a bow and also arrow set would additionally be advantageous accessories to finish the look.

25. Leeloo: In the 1997 sci-fi movie The fifth Element, Leeloo is a perfect being produced in a laboratory to aid prevent the world's damage by the pressures of evil. Create her futuristic and also unearthly look with a white jumpsuit, orange exploit accessories, and an orange wig.

26. LEGO Character: Though you could remember LEGO bricks native the play dates of your childhood, this ever-popular toy is no longer just for kids. Through the recent release of The Lego Movie (2014), a whole selection of LEGO-themed costumes and also characters has actually hit the market. You deserve to go either together a personality from the movie or someone from one of their countless different LEGO collections.

27. Leonardo da Vinci: This Italian artist, architect, inventor, and also visionary practically needs no introduction. Two of his paintings, Mona Lisa and also The last Supper, occupy distinctive positions as 2 of the many famous. Most reproduced, and also most parodied artworks of every time. To go as the man himself, wear Renaissance clothing, a black hat, and also a long wig and beard. It might also be funny to go together a couple's costume with a framed Mona Lisa.

28. Leonardo: Leonardo is just one of the sewer-dwelling heroes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wear green clothing with a yellow belly, a blue eye mask, and also a animal leather belt to get his look. Costumes are also easily accessible for purchase.

29. Leopard: To gain this jungle cat's look, you can either wear a patterned hair or human body suit, or paint your face and body. You could also purchase a confront bop to assist you fully create the look.

30. Leprechaun: Known for their devious nature and also short stature, Leprechauns are often shown dressed in all green with environment-friendly trousers, a green waistcoat, a eco-friendly jacket, and also a tall green hat with a gold buckle. Don't forget brown boots and a ginger beard and hair! equipment such as lucky coins or pots of yellow can help complete her outfit.

31. Lifeguard: To acquire the watch of this classic summertime character, undertake red swim trunks or a Speedo, a life-saving device, a muscle tank top, sandals, and a whistle. If you want to go the extra mile, bleach her hair, covering your sleep in copious quantities of sunscreen, and also get a fake tan.

32. Lily Langtry: Lily was an actress and also producer indigenous the so late 19th and early 20th centuries. Renowned for she beauty, she was well-known as 'The Jersey Lily.' she costume is composed of one elegant Edwardian evening dress, which need to be available for hire.

33. Lion: Not only are they the monarchs of the jungle, yet lions also feature prominently in popular culture in productions such as The Lion King, The magician of Oz, and The Chronicles the Narnia. You deserve to either put together a costume yourself v brown clothing, wild hair, and cat challenge makeup, or you can purchase a complete costume.

34. Lion Tamer: A lion tamer would certainly make terrific choice for a couple's costume with a lion. Wear a ringmaster outfit with a whip, a tailcoat, and a optimal hat.


35. Mermaid: The little Mermaid is a character initially from Hans Christian Anderson's book The small Mermaid. In the renowned Disney adaptation, the mermaid is called Ariel and has long red hair. To gain the look, you will need a mermaid tail or skirt, a covering bra top, and a long wig.

36. Home on the Prairie: This renowned US television regime featured the life and times that the Ingalls household as they made a life for themselves ~ above the prairie. The main characters include Mr. And also Mrs. Ingalls and their three girls, Laura, Mary, and Carrie. Undertake pioneer and also Midwestern clothing an ideal for difficult work in the field or in ~ home.

37. Boy Blue: Little young Blue is the shepherd protagonist the a renowned English nursery happiness by the same name. To gain his look, undertake a white t-shirt, blue dungarees, and carry a horn with you come gather her sheep.

38. Britain: Little Britain to be a 2003 television lay out show produced by Matt Lucas and also David Walliams that created exaggerated parodies of Brits found in every walks the life. Characters include:

* Daffyd: Daffyd was the just gay in the town and pull on in a chop red PVC outfit.

* Vicky Pollard: Vicky Pollard is to plan to be a parody the the reduced class. She put on a dirty pink tracksuit.

* Bubbles DeVere: Bubbles is an extremely obese middle-aged mrs who stays at a health spa and also will walk to any kind of lengths to avoid paying off her skyrocketing bill. Stay a bathrobe.

* Andy and Lou: Andy and also Lou are two of the longest-appearing characters on the show. Andy is supposedly handicapped and also Lou is his caregiver. Anytime Lou's ago is turned, however, Andy is capable of doing complex physical maneuvers. Andy uses a wheelchair and also wears strong trousers and also muscle shirts and also is bald but has long hair top top the sides. Lou has actually frizzy, curly hair down to his shoulders and wears a animal leather jacket. Main costumes and wigs are available on the market.

39. Red riding Hood: This well-known character is initially from a brother Grimm fairy tale. There room now many takes top top the costume through varying levels of innocence, most of which consist of of red gingham dresses and a red hooded cape.

40. Jack Horner: This nursery rhyme personality is well-known for his exploits with a plum pie. Lug a prop pie v you and wear a bib.

41. John: Little john is a personality from the Robin Hood legend. His surname is ironic because he's in reality huge. Stay a medieval male peasant outfit and a fat fit if you're approximately it.

42. Enhance Girl: The small match girl is a Hans Christian Anderson personality in a story about a dice child's hopes and also dreams. Wear a tatty blouse and skirt and also bring along a tray that matchsticks.

43. Miss out on Muffet: Little miss out on Muffet is a character from the nursery rhyme by the same name. She is normally depicted as wearing a brief dress v bloomers and a equivalent hat. Curds and whey may be a complicated accessory, yet for a couple, you might find a partner prepared to be a spider.

44. Nell: Little Nell is a personality from Charles Dickens's novel The Old Curiosity Shop. Stay a victorian skirt, a blouse, and also a bonnet.

45. Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger to be a 1950s television programme that featured the key character pull on in a white cowboy costume, a black eye mask, a holster, and also a white cowboy hat.

46. Liz Hurley: Liz is a brothers actress that is ideal known for her function as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers (1997), in i m sorry she wore a silver- halter-top A-line dress and also silver boots. She also played the evil one in Bedazzled (2000) in i beg your pardon she wore assorted outfits such as a red catsuit, a school uniform, and also a policewoman getup.

47. Lengthy John Silver: long John silver- is an 18th century pirate indigenous the publication Treasure Island by Robert louis Stevenson. Silver's costume comprises that a tricorn, a crutch, one eyepatch, and also a parrot on height of a simple pirate costume.

48. Looby Loo: Looby Loo is a ragdoll character from Andy Pandy, a british children's television programme native the 1950s. She costume comprises the a spotted dress and striped socks, and also she wears her hair in two plaits with doll makeup.

49. Luke Skywalker: Luke to be the command character in the initial Star Wars films, and there room a plethora of costumes obtainable to purchase or hire. In general, you'll should wear a white tunic v khaki pants and also a animal leather belt. Don't forget your lightsaber!

50. Ludwig van Beethoven: This well known composer and also musical genius needs nearly no introduction. Gain his look v a typical frock coat, a cravat, breeches, and also an ear trumpet come symbolise his deafness.

51. Liza Minelli: Liza, daughter that Judy Garland, is one American actress most well known for her functions in Cabaret and Arthur. She look native Cabaret is more than likely the most basic to put together since you only require a tailcoat, a leotard, fishnet stockings, and also a bowler or peak hat. Liza was known for her short, bobbed hairstyle and also long, spiky eyelashes.

52. Lulu: Lulu is a 1960s pop singer and actress indigenous Scotland. Among her most well known hits indigenous the 60s is the song, "Shout," i m sorry is currently ubiquitous at many American weddings. To gain her look, undertake hotpants or quick A-line dresses through a brown beehive wig.

53. Mr Byron: Lord Byron is taken into consideration one the the most influential British poets of every time, well-known for his scandalous life and his work. To obtain this Romantic poet's look, undertake a frock coat, a top hat, a cravat, and also breeches.

54. Luigi XIV (of France): This leader of France was eventually executed along with his notorious wife, Marie Antoinette. Undertake a Georgian costume, finish with a pale face, and an egregious wig.

55. Luigi Bleriot: Louis Bleriot to be a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. In 1909, he came to be the very first person to cross the English Channel in one aircraft. Wear an aviator costume with a an extremely large, styled mustache.

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I was simply reading your various Lion ideas, and also I could assist but think the The Lion King - have actually you viewed the phase show? There space some wonderful costumes in the production.

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Perhaps the an essential is to paint yourself gold, lug a gong and dance choose a cross in between a monkey and a crab.

Great hub!

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