A duplex is a linked multi-family residence that has two different units, each through a separate entrance ~ above a single property

Wondering what the an interpretation of a duplex is and also if it would certainly be right for you? Basically, the two units the a duplex share a usual floor, ceiling, or wall but have actually separate gateways for each unit. There may additionally be different yards, wash areas, and also garages. Duplex houses and apartments can be a an excellent option because that anyone, native solo homeowners to huge families.

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Nearly one in five family members live in a duplex or quadplex building, according to the nationwide Multifamily housing Council. A duplex apartment is similar to a house, except you will certainly share a wall, floor, or ceiling with one neighbor.

Each unit has its own entrance, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and functions lot like a townhouse or pair home. However, you may be required to share a backyard, garage, laundry, and also storage area, however not always. Part duplexes have separate locations assigned to every unit.

Many human being think that duplexes, condos, and townhouses are the same. However there are subtle differences.

One person usually owns a duplex. Sometimes the owner will certainly rent out one side of the structure and live ~ above the other side. There have the right to be many bedrooms and bathrooms, but usually one kitchen and also a roomy life area. There might likewise be a designated yard, however it’s not unusual that outside spaces room shared.

A townhouse is similar to a duplex. Both have actually separate life areas and also share a wall, floor, or ceiling. They have actually their own kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms, and also can often also have different yards and also garages.

The key difference between a townhouse and also a duplex is ownership. Every townhouse (or townhome) is personally owned. You also own the external spaces, which method you don’t share a patio or yard through your neighbor.

A condo or condominium is a building or many buildings that have individual units. All outside areas are typically the residential or commercial property of an HOA (Homeowners Association). The HOA maintains the lawn and also communal areas, so friend don’t have to worry around mowing the lawn or watering flowers.


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A fifty percent duplex is simply one side of a duplex. But, rather of one owner, every side has a different owner. You own your own an are but she close enough to plant a joint garden or invite a neighbor over for morning coffee.

Living in a duplex residence has benefits over part other species of properties. However duplexes additionally have disadvantages, depending upon what friend are searching for in your home.

Duplexes have one common wall, ceiling, or floorYou’ll have actually your very own yard and also garageDuplex houses and apartments can be affordableDuplexes have separate entrances
Duplex residences often don’t have amenities choose a gym or poolYou may need to share laundry facilitiesThere’s a lawn to mow and also a driveway to maintain

Expect come pay less for a duplex home or apartment 보다 for a single-family residence with the same number of rooms and also square feet of living space. The distinctions in expense might be as result of availability. Because that example, if the duplex is downtown in a trendy ar versus in the suburbs, the expense might change. 

The latest figures from the nationwide Association the REALTORS reported that the average price of a single-family home was $275,100 in September 2019. The mean price that a condo to be $248,600. Because that a duplex, you have the right to expect to pay a national typical price of $264,000, follow to Zillow.

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