Here is a handy little GCF Calculator that you deserve to use to discover the GCF of two numbers 21, 33 i.e. 3 the largest number that divides both the numbers exactly.

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Greatest typical Factor that 21 and also 33 is 3

GCF(21, 33) = 3

Ex: number 1 - 1500 and number 2 - 20.
Given Inputs are 21, 33

To discover the GCF making use of the element Factorization method you simply need to list the end the prime determinants of both the numbers.

Prime administer of 21 together under

3 21
7 7

Prime factors of 21 room 3,7. Prime factorization that 21 in exponential form is:

21 = 31×71Prime administer of 33 is as such

3 33
11 11

Prime determinants of 33 room 3,11. Prime factorization of 33 in exponential type is:

33 = 31×111Occurrences of usual Prime components from both the numbers 21 and also 33 is 3Therefore, GCF of 2 numbers 21 and also 33 is 3

GCF the 21, 33 using Factoring Method

Given entry data is 21, 33

Make a perform of components for the matching input numbers

Factors the 21

List of positive integer components of 21 that divides 21 there is no a remainder.


Factors that 33

List of optimistic integer determinants of 33 the divides 33 without a remainder.

1,3,11,33Figure out the highest typical factor from components of both the numbers and that is the GCF. In this case, the is 3

Therefore, GCF of two numbers 21 ad 33 is 3

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Frequently Asked concerns on GCF the 21 and 33

1. What is the GCF of number 21 and also 33?

GCF of number 21 and 33 is 3.

2. Just how to uncover GCF the 21 and 33 easily?

Take the assist of GCF Calculator existing and input the numbers 21, 33 in the intake field listed and tap top top the Calculate switch to avail the Greatest common Factor with thorough steps.

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3. Where do I find sophisticated explanation on finding GCF of 21, 33?

You deserve to find an intricate explanation on detect GCF that 21, 33 on our page.

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