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gallongeodesic domeGeometry
Golden RatioGolden Rectanglegram
greater thangreatest usual divisor 


GallonA measure of volume (liquid) the is equal to 4 quarts or 231 cubic inches or 3.7853 liters.

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Geodesic DomeA geodesic dome is a spherical structure made up of triangles. As you can see in the picture on the right, some triangle groupings form pentagons and some form hexagons. If castle all created pentagons, then it would certainly make anicosahedron which wouldn"t be wide enough. Part geodesic domes room huge. A great example is the Montreal Biosphere.


GeometryGeometry is the science that research studies the size and also shape that things.

Golden RatioDiscovered by the "ancient Greeks", probably Pythagoras or his club, The Pythagoreans, the gold ratio is a special number, 
that is one of the services to the equation
It"s additionally called the golden mean, the gold section and the gold number. View the next meaning of golden rectangle for much more info.


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Golden RectangleThegolden rectangleis arectanglewith an extremely special dimensions... To get the length, you main point the width by thegolden ratio(see definitionabove). One very special residential property of the golden rectangle is the you can break it into asquareand asmaller rectangle-- and also thatsmaller rectangleis anothergolden rectangle!


The old Greeks uncovered that the golden rectangle was an extremely pleasing to the eye and used it in a bunch that their architecture (The Parthenon) and the artists of the Renaissance (like Leonardo DaVinci) offered the golden rectangle in your paintings.

GramA gram is a unit of load in the metric system. The is supposed to it is in the weightof one cubic centimeter of water at 4 levels Celsius. (That"s when water is supposed to be its heaviest.) A file clip weighs around a gram.

Greater ThanOne numberisgreater thananother numberwhenthat number"s valueisbigger.Example:10is greater than6. In math, we write this as10>6.

Greatest usual Divisor(GCD)Thegreatest common divisoris thebiggest numberthat divides right into two (or more) provided numbers.Examples:TheGCDof6and9is3. TheGCDof24and32is8. TheGCDof2and10is2.A common way to compose it isGCD (6,9)=3.


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