Keeping you yourself hydrated is important not just during the warm summer days yet even throughout the winter season.

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It helps rise your immune system and stay active throughout the day.

Most world are no a fan of drinking level water; well, here is the good news; there room many alternative ways of maintaining yourself hydrated.

You can always prepare you yourself a glass of fresh orange juice, apologize juice, or cranberry juice.

These fruit juices are not only delicious, however it will save you energized the whole day. Another great alternative to staying hydrated is drinking lime juice.

Drinking lime juice ~ above a warm summer day deserve to be really refreshing. Lime is supplied for plenty of purposes, beginning from acquisition it as a new juice to improving tanned skin.

Lime juice is extract from the lime utilizing lime press and prepared as a drink with a mixture that water, salt, or sugar.

Many people prefer come prepare energy drinks in advancement so that they can drink whenever they want. Currently the inquiry is, walk lime juice walk bad?

Does Lime Juice go Bad? how Long go Lime Juice Last?


Lime juice does go bad, but its shelf life different on whether the juice is prepared fresh at home or girlfriend bought it from a store. Fresh lime juice made at home deserve to last for around 3 to 4 work if save on computer in the refrigerator.

So in case, you setup on preparing fresh lime juice at home, make sure to store it in a suitable container or bottle and keep it in the refrigerator to maximize the shelf life.

However, lime sold in the market includes preservatives. Preventive are added to the juice come maximize its shelf life for an extensive period.

Some juices made for commercial objectives contain more preservatives, while some contain less.

Bottles the lime the contain much more preservatives typically last because that a year, and also those with fewer preservatives last for around two weeks come one month, listed that the bottle is unopened.

Once you open up the party of juice, it come in call with the air, and also oxidation takes place, which leader to spoilage.

So once the party is opened, make certain to store it in the refrigerator as it lowers down the growth of harmful molds and bacteria. The way, the juice deserve to last because that about half a year.

You can additionally store lime juice in the freezer, which deserve to last for around 12 months. But it should be save in one airtight bottle or container.

Freezing help to maintain the juice as harmful microorganisms flourish only in temperature in between 40-140F.

How to Tell if Lime Juice is Bad? Lime Juice Shelf Life!


Generally, lime juice does no go rancid quickly since it is very acidic and also makes it difficult for the bacteria to grow.

But if friend don’t keep your juice in the refrigerator, specifically in the hot climate, it will spoil in ~ a few hours.

The juice that contains preservatives can additionally go bad after a certain time. Below are some tips on how to phone call if her lime juice has gone bad:

One easy method to find out if her lime juice has gone wrong is to provide it a sniff. Smell and check if there is any type of off-smell or weird smell.Juice added with preservatives will have manufacturing and expiry date. So when you purchase lime juice from the market, make sure to examine its expiry date. If the expiry day mentioned has actually gone past, execute not drink or purchase it.It is likewise important to keep in mind that if her lime juice transforms brown, the does not typical that the juice has actually gone rancid. The readjust in color happens when you open a party of lime juice and forget to store it in the refrigerator. That is thought about safe to drink.



Lime juice not only keeps girlfriend hydrated by that is a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C help to protect against cold, and also it has actually anti-inflammatory properties.

Lime is beneficial not only for drinking yet for countless other purposes.

Many people use lime on your skin to eliminate suntan.

Lime have the right to improve her digestion and also helps in load control. Also, lime is well-known to protect against kidney stones.

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Make a habit of drink a glass of lime juice every day together it has many medicinal properties.