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Hey everyone,I"m do the efforts to replace my strength steering pump pulley on mine svtf, and also I acquired the wheel puller, yet does anyone know just how to actually use that tool?Any understanding would be appreciated.By the way if my write-up isn"t exactly meaningful its because I"ve acquired a cold indigenous hell.thanks-Pavan

Panties aren"t the best thing in the world but they are next to it.I would rather drive the slow vehicle Rusty built than the slow vehicle I built.Do your own repairs, it"s not rocket surgical treatment !!
not too hard
You go not mention which brand puller friend purchased, so i am not sure what to tell you. If you have actually the kind that has 2 clam shell halfs that communicate the machined grooves in the pulley, then collection them and slide the tube over the 2 half"s to host them in place. Hook increase the SCREW with the button and pull the pulley. Expect this helps.

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