these an excellent distributors? anyone have any type of pros and also cons because that these distributors? What wake up if the coil or digital ignition contents fail? deserve to you buy replacement parts, or carry out you have to buy a whole new distributor? Is anyone running just constant stock distributors with electronic conversion kits? how reliable are they? any kind of suggestions are appreciated..thanks guys

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It"s basically a GM HEI distributor that"s been adapted to fit a Ford 300 repair components are basic to uncover at most any parts house. You have the right to buy the exact same (DUI) from this sites sponsor because that a much better price (below Link). Http:// are running stock points distributors and with a Pertronix"s electronic or a MSD box and a few other ways it deserve to be done too. Even much more use the Dura Spark i or II distributor swap they will all work-related I choose to usage a DSII

Another vote for DSII. I use 4 prong GM module v mine, yet the Ford module designed for them is fine. The GM module though lets you use either GM HEI coil or Ford TFI coil. Thats its large advantage. Also easy to wire.But if you desire a suggest distributor, be mindful there room some from 60s with only vacuum advancement on them. These need a carburetor with special vacuum port designed to work-related with them. I think just the 240 had actually this from factory, but because its very same engine family members it probably sold ~ above ebay together fitting 300 or detailed in parts magazine as fitting. Simply friendly top up therefore you dont buy miscellaneous you i do not know use. Ford had used this sytem in 40s and 50s on their sixes to save pair bucks ns guess and it ongoing up into mid 60s.Also simply to give you an additional option a point distributor have the right to be offered with HEI/TFI coil by utilizing a TFI ignition module from 80s/early90s Ford. The points then just cause the TFI module and it fires the coil. Point out last much longer simply used as trigger, present through castle is lot less.
I usage that distributor on mine engine, and also have nothing negative to say about it. just "issue" i had was a an easy one, i had to absent the van in equipment (standard) to obtain it come drop into the oil pump. Oh and also my harmonic balancer was spun i essential a brand-new one yet that"s not the distributors error

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When y"all describe the duraspark II, is that an really distributor, or simply the components to swap out of another distributor? I saw on the classicinlines website that they had actually a duraspark II distributor because that the smaller sized sixes however not for the 300s...what"s a great stock distributor to acquisition to download the duraspark into?