Even much more prolific than the urban legend of placing a water-damaged phone in rice is the curious lifehack that the toothpaste display repair.

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Can toothpaste be provided to eliminate scratches from a phone screen?

Apparently, the theory is the the toothpaste gift slightly abrasive will buff out few of the scratches and fill in any huge cracks.

The Team at We deal with All have been repairing phones because that a an extremely long time. However, we’ve never thought about using toothpaste in any kind of of our repairs. We space an objective in the way that we undertake our work-related though. What’s more, we welcome any type of break-through or development in fix technology.

So, we had actually to shot it because that ourselves.

Testing the toothpaste phone screen repair

Here we have a Samsung S7 Edge through three different kinds of damages to the screen. Firstly, we have actually a light scratch in the middle.


Toothpaste screen repair 2nd attempt to fix damaged corner glass.

Why has the toothpaste screen repair rumour started?

Toothpaste have the right to be supplied to hide damage, however only if that damage is really minor. Plus, if you don’t mind having a slightly difficult uneven surface on her screen.

The story around using toothpaste to repair scratches likely occurred from numerous of these life-hack YouTube channels. This are basically content farms. They operate by rushing out as lot visual content in the smallest time frame feasible in stimulate to gain ahead the the YouTube algorithm.

In doing so, lot of what they release is not deeply researched and also greatly overplayed in the modify of the video. It would be very easy to shoot a video, apply toothpaste come a scuffed screen and cut come an identical maker with no damage.

These kinds of videos were later on re-posted and re-shot by other human being on social media and thus construct on the rumour.

Is there any reason why toothpaste would work?

Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and also could, in the best conditions, remove the surface of the screen and make the scratches much less visible. Unfortunately, it’s not abrasive sufficient to make any kind of visible difference – at least to ours eyes.

That’s not to say the you must use something abrasive on your screen. Even if you room careful and also kept it level, you might sand down into the touch capacitive class of the device.

Additionally fluoride is a clean agent that deserve to make your display look a lot cleaner. A well-polished screen reflects light much better and have the right to obscure scratches from specific angles.

What toothpaste could never perform is to fill in the actual physics cracks. It’s a non-conductive agent that does not dry. Utilizing toothpaste to to fill in cracks in your phone is about as advantageous as using any kind of other substance to to fill in a void in your device.

What deserve to I do instead?

The easiest solve is to use a screen protector to your phone. This will safeguard it from more damage and hide present scratches. If you have actually any huge cracks in her screen, this will certainly bind lock together and also prevent them native spreading.

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Otherwise, if the damages has end up being so negative that it demands to be replaced, it’s best to publication in through us because that a repair. We can replace any make and also model the phone display screen in our Norwich shop, repair by write-up service or through our contact out team.

So, whether you need an iPhone display repair or to solve a Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, LG or any kind of other handset, us can absolutely help. Shot us!