Floyd Mayweather has actually been maintaining himself liven these work with everything except boxing.

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While the human being is buzzing over the possibility of Mayweather actually strapping top top MMA gloves and also fighting in the UFC, Mayweather has actually been busy co-promoting fights choose Danny Garcia’s victory over Brandon Rios and his adult to chat venue, girls Collection.

He likewise surprised fans once he announced his step into the video clip game people via society media. Fans went crazy since for year boxing’s diehards have actually clamored for a return that EA Sports’ famous Fight Night gaming franchise through no native on a return from EA Sports. Really hopes were high that Mayweather might revamp the franchise and tie it to his name for a legend mix that hype and also a an excellent competitive experience.

However, recently, Mayweather gave a preview that the game called “Mayweather Boxing Fitness” i beg your pardon is a virtual reality game focused on being physically energetic via a hands-free strategy that encourages movement together the primary task driver. This is a departure from the expectation that the pan who can be irradiate MMA fans but are environment-friendly with envy end the evolving UFC video game franchise.

Floyd us were expecting a new Fight Night, what kinda shit is this Hell no.
ea make a new Boxing video game please.

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ea make a new…”

EA Sports’ hit Night 2004 is a boxing video game that featured Roy Jones Jr top top the cover. That is the follower to EA’s previous boxing series, Knockout Kings. Four sequels followed, hit Night ring 2 in 2005, fight Night ring 3 in 2006, hit Night ring 4 in 2009 and Fight Night Champion in 2011. Chief amongst the game’s features are a career mode, in-depth and also reasonably realistic fighting and also an analog stick-based control scheme dubbed full Punch Control, which to be re-used, through enhancements, in the sequels.

The history Of EA sporting activities FIGHT NIGHT 2004-2011

This vid will present you the gamplay’s of all the EA sports FIGHT NIGHT games and also when castle were created PLEASE keep in mind I did do this vid however these are NOT my gameplay’s. Comment, share, subscribe, like and comment what you desire me to do next.

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The reactions from fans were swift with plenty of not appreciating Mayweather’s first foray right into the branded video game civilization coming from a allude of fitness together opposed to competition based simulated present-day athletes battling for a title. No much information is available concerning the game, who is occurring it or release date yet one point is for sure it is not for those competitive game nights a la NBA 2K or Madden infamy.

However, through the relax of his The Money Team “TMT” branded watch line v Hublot, Mayweather is certainly cashing in ~ above his brand potential in retirement.