Mr & Mrs blacksmith location: the Smith’s ‘Westchester’ mansion: mountain Pasqual Street, Pasadena, California

Doug Liman brings a sly indie sensibility to what, at an initial sight, appears little more than a bang-bang star vehicle. An ext an OTT romance than a shoot’em-up, hence the full excision of villains Jacqueline Bisset and also Terence rubber stamp from the last cut.

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Set, despite you’d hardly notice, in brand-new York, the film was made virtually entirely in Los Angeles. Through the stars never ever leaving California, the big Apple itself is diminished to a handful of developing shots.

The early courtship the Smiths-to-be John and also Jane (Brad Pitt and also Angelina Jolie) in ‘Bogota’ Is rather more convincing 보다 the evocation of the united state east shore – yet it’s quiet Los Angeles: the lobby of the hotel where they remaining is downtown, and also its courtyard is top top Olvera Street in the city’s historical core. The convincingly distressed suite, no more than a studio soundstage.

Even the funfair, whereby the pair room unable come rein in your competitive nature at a shooting booth, is the great backlot.

There is a quick escape from LA as Jane goes absent climbing. The highlight red cliffs are at Glenwood Springs, Colorado, yet – doh! – Angelina Jolie is clambering ~ above a foam mock-up in the studio, cunningly blended into the actual landscape.

The Smiths’ classy neighbourhood is supposedly ‘Westchester’ in new York State. To it is in honest, I’ve never ever been to Westchester, so it might well look just like a leafy east suburb the LA. Whatever, your expansive mansion deserve to be viewed at 1565 san Pasqual Street in Pasadena.

Both the designer hotel and also the scuzzy ‘Irish’ bar, wherein the pair – independently – lug out their corresponding assignments, are downtown Los Angeles. After ~ offing the arms dealer, Jane blacksmith rappels 200 feet down the next of the southeast corner of sixth Street at cool Avenue – landing in former of what is yes, really a branch the Starbucks (incidentally, the very same one watched in the background as the TV store is blown up in hit Club).

Unknown to each other, both Smiths room assigned to dispose that unwitting pawn Benjamin (Adam Brody) in a scene written to it is in played the end in a wintery gorge. Indeed, this is how filming began, but budgetary considerations caused a critical minute readjust of locale come a desert ‘north the Mexico’. And though, technically, north of Mexico the is, this appears an odd summary for the Mojave Desert about Lancaster.


Mr & Mrs smith location: man Smith and also Eddie mull over what walk wrong v the desert mission: quality Cafe, West seventh Street, downtown Los Angeles

The mission normally goes awry. The cafe in which man Smith and Eddie (Liman consistent Vince Vaughn) mull over what might have unable to do wrong, is an old favourite. It’s the high quality Coffee Shop, 1238 West seventh Street, downtown Los Angeles, i beg your pardon you might remember native Se7en, the 2000 remake of unable to do In 60 Seconds, maintain Day and also Ghost World.


Mr & Mrs smith location: mrs Smith’s I-Temp office: fine Arts Building, West saturday Street, downtown LA

Jane works for I-Temp, supposedly in ~ ‘570 Lexington Avenue’ (in brand-new York, remember?). The gloriously intricate deco lobby can pass convincingly for Manhattan, however it’s actually the lobby that the good Arts Building, 811 West seventh Street, downtown LA. You deserve to see the fine Arts’ exterior as one of Tom’s favourite buildings in (500) days of Summer.

Staying downtown, the structure under construction, wherein John Smith shows up to accomplish his finish in one exploding elevator, endured to completion. It’s currently the Caltrans ar 7 Headquarters, 100 South key Street at first Street.


Mr & Mrs blacksmith location: john Smith practically gets puffy up: Cicada, Oviatt Building, southern Olive Street, downtown LA

There’s yet an ext classic deco in one more old fave – the elegant restaurant in i beg your pardon John unexpectedly reappears and also their cartoonish battle to the fatality – or to enthusiastic make-up sex (guess which?) begins. It’s Cicada, Oviatt Building, 617 southern Olive Street, when again downtown LA. A cheeky cutaway shot exterior Cicada, as man Smith narrowly stays clear of getting blown up, appears to location the restaurant in brand-new York’s time Square. You could recognise Cicada"s sleek lines from Pretty Woman, Indecent Proposal, Bruce Almighty, or together the site of Peppy’s unfortunately interview dismissing quiet movies in The Artist or that Viola Davis" briefing in ~ the opened of self-destruction Squad.

The freeway chase is along Terminal Island Freeway, a stretch the freeway down towards San Pedro which can be closed there is no too much disruption to web traffic (it was supplied for the same reason for the chase in Terminator 2).

The motel in i m sorry Benjamin discover the real set-up ~ being feather from his cell is the Motel de Ville, 1123 West seventh Street at southern Bixel Street, downtown Los Angeles.

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And finally, it’s come the ‘Home Made’ furniture store, where the pair finally gel as a team because that the choreographed climactic gun battle, which to be an about-to-be-demolished Ikea store in City the Industry, come the south-east of LA (it pops up again in the same year’s Fun with Dick and also Jane).