Edgar Allan Poe is just one of America"s many prolific authors. His love the the macabre and study that the dark aspects of the person psyche have earned the a location in anthologies throughout the nation. Throughout his quick stories, Poe makes use of stark imagery and vivid figurative language to repaint the snapshot of darkness and despair. In "The Tell-Tale Heart," Poe offers imagery and also figurative language to tell the story the a mad man who at some point succumbs come the darkness.

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Imagery is the usage of description based on the five senses, or as the Purdue virtual Writing laboratory explains, "total sensory suggestion." This means that imagery catches anything that have the right to be seen, tasted, smelled, touch or heard. Imagery paints the snapshot for the reader, therefore he or she feels nearly a part of the scene.

"The Tell-Tale Heart" generally uses listening imagery. Together the speaker goes mad, the becomes much more obsessed through the sound that his neighbor"s beating heart. The repeat of the sound of the heart is what in reality drives the speaker mad and causes him to rotate himself in come the police. Over there are likewise many examples of imagery that rely on the feeling of sight, including many descriptions that involve the use of light and dark.


A price is simply something that represents something else. In this story, Poe uses different physical objects to stand for something else. For example, the the rigid mentions the clock the narrator wears, i beg your pardon symbolizes the passage of time and also the activity of life. The focus on the watch before the murder symbolizes the moment the neighbor has left to live, while later on there is a solid connection between the ticking that the watch and also the beating that the heart.


Personification is a form of figurative language whereby human features are provided to inanimate objects. Authors use personification to assist the audience relate to the story and also to create a specific mood. “Death, in pull close him had actually stalked v his black shadow before him, and enveloped the victim" is an instance of personification in this story. Death is no a person, and also therefore might not literally stalk anyone, but presenting it together a predator creates a sinister mood.

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Simile and also Metaphor

Authors use comparisons to relate a possibly unknown items or idea in a story to something the reader is acquainted with. This comparisons can add much come the the atmosphere of a story in very few words. In this story, the speaker describes the light from the lantern as "at size a straightforward dim ray, prefer the object of the spider, shoot from the end the crevice and also fell complete upon the vulture eye." he compares the irradiate to a spider subject to present how thin and also tenuous the beam (and his perspective) is. Poe uses a metaphor when he defines the man"s eye as being the eye the a vulture. Explaining the eye this way foreshadows the death that is come come. Since the audience associate vultures to death and also decay, an ominous tone is set for both the neighbor and the narrator.