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The brain has three key parts, the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and also the mind stem.

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The mind is separated into areas that control details functions. THE CEREBRUM:Frontal LobeBehaviorAbstract believed processesProblem solvingAttentionCreative thoughtSome emotionIntellectReflectionJudgmentInitiativeInhibitionCoordination the movementsGeneralized and mass movementsSome eye movementsSense the smellMuscle movementsSkilled movementsSome motor skillsPhysical reactionLibido (sexual urges) Occipital Lobe VisionReading Parietal Lobe sense of touch (tactile senstation)Appreciation of form through touch (stereognosis) an answer to interior stimuli (proprioception) Sensory combination and comprehension Some language and reading attributes Some visual attributes Temporal LobeAuditory memories part hearingVisual memoriesSome vision pathwaysOther memoryMusicFearSome languageSome speechSome habits amd emotionsSense of identification Right Hemisphere (the representational hemisphere)The best hemisphere controls the left side of the bodyTemporal and spatial relationshipsAnalyzing nonverbal informationCommunicating emotionLeft Hemisphere (the categorical hemisphere)The left hemisphere controls the right side that the bodyProduce and also understand languageCorpus CallosumCommunication between the left and right next of the brain THE CEREBELLUMBalancePostureCardiac, respiratory, and also vasomotor centers THE brain STEMMotor and also sensory pathway come body and also faceVital centers: cardiac, respiratory, vasomotorHypothalamus Moods and motivationSexual maturationTemperature regulationHormonal body procedures Optic Chiasm Vision and the optic nerve Pituitary Gland hormonal body processes Physical maturationGrowth (height and form)Sexual maturationSexual work Spinal CordConduit and resource of sensation and movement Pineal BodyUnknown Ventricles and also Cerebral Aqueduct includes the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord enchanted Learning®Over 35,000 net PagesSample Pages because that Prospective Subscribers, or click below

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