Interpretations of dreams about pooping your pants offered by Miller’s dreambook room the following: crapping your pants in a dream is a prize of a quarrel through loved ones; in her underpants – means concluding critical transaction; shitting right into diapers – symbolizes the finish of a daunting stage in life.

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If a man dreams about pooping in his trousers in one unfamiliar place – this predicts ns of a big amount; if he got smeared through poop – this image predicts parting through a lovely woman.

According to Miller, shitting she pants in a dream might be a promise that a long-awaited pregnant for a married woman; for a young mrs this might be a price of troubles as result of the damaged promise.

According come Freud"s dream book, together a dream portends conflicts with a love one due to the fact that of jealousy. If a male defecates under a tree, this is a authorize of make a profit in a watch unprofitable business; if a guy pooped in the car in a dream – this method problems through potency.

According to Vanga’s dream book, shitting her pants in prior of everyone in a dream is about getting a an important gift. If a married guy craps during sex this dream method insults from his wife; because that a divorced male – the a sign of rejuvenation of relationships with his ex-wife; because that a widower – defecating in your clothes predicts a long company trip.

If a woman saw herself in feces in a dream, climate this is a prize of quarrel v a friend.


According come Loff, a dream about crapping your underwear portends problems since of self-confidence. If a married mrs defecated in a dream, this is a authorize of slim malaise.

For a male the dream that he farted and shitted himself, portends a long period of loneliness. If a woman defecates throughout menstruation in a dream, this plot predicts a meeting with remote relatives. To feed the baby and also poop in a dream predicts an unsuccessful trip abroad.

According come the dream book the Nostradamus, such a dream portends receiving a gift.

There interpreter offers the following brief definitions:dreaming the pooping her pants at home, predicts an from the neighbors;cleaning up after yourself – means risk of gaining into an unpleasant situation;to crap on the street – misery as result of a rest in connections with a love one;stepping in poop in a dream – is entrust of treason and also betrayal.


According come the dream publication of Meneghetti, pooping your pants in a dream – predicts vain concern. If you shitted yourself and urinated – this is a price of separation from her loved ones. If who accidentally defecated from fear in a dream – this method unexpected aid from a relative.

Crapping in the elevator in a dream is a sign of exhaustion at work. Defecating in a church in a dream predicts condition of a love one"s; in the theater - way travel in a pleasant company; on the square – to represent the finish of the period of failure.

According come the Muslim dream book, crapping v white feces in a dream predicts problems in business because of self-confidence.

According come the Islamic dream book, together a dream can be interpreted as the end of a challenging path.

Here is the list of brief interpretations of dreams about crapping yourself relying on where and also where to you taken place to defecate:in the bus - success in business;in the toilet - troubles at work;in church - a conflict with relatives;at work - financial independence;into pantyhose - a lengthy illness;into diapers - holidays at sea;into underwear - the opening of a new business;in trousers - problems with a boss;on the head - slander indigenous colleagues.

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Depending ~ above who shitted himself in a dream, the translate is the following:brother - a funny party;adult man - acquisition of genuine estate;grandson - resting abroad;granddaughter - a reward for a completed project;baby - the introduction of an additional source of income;a little girl - the betrayal of a love one;a young girl - failure in business;daughter - depression;a girlfriend - rest in the family members circle;wife / husband - unanticipated expenses;loved one - a favorable period in life;a young - a new acquaintance;guy / friend - litigation;girlfriend - accusation the squandering;a drunk family member - unrequited love;someone else’s child - a pleasant surprise.