Sound waves require a tool to take trip as they travel by compression and decompression the molecules, like that, they can travel with the air, water, etc.

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It's clear the light waves don't require a tool to take trip as we gain light indigenous the sunlight in our planet and also for that to reach us, it crosses the vacuum that space. Since light waves room electromagnetic radiation, they are composed through the transverse oscillation of the electric and magnetic fields. Now, as far as i know, at the very least for the electric field, we need particles (positive and negative) the are carried by protons and electrons the don't exist in space.

Evidence tells me I'm wrong, yet what am ns missing? how do electromagnetic waves take trip in the vacuum?


Light waves are oscillations that the electric and magnetic field. No propagating oscillations of particles in part medium.

at the very least for the electric field, we require particles

that's no correct.

We get an electric source field native a charge density, correct

E ~ ρ>. However the maxwell equations also say the a time-dependent magnetic ar is the resource of an electric vortex field <∂/∂t B ~ curl E> (and vice versa ∂/∂t E ~ curl B). In vacuum over there is no charge. So the propagation of tide doesn't rely on some charge distribution. Completely on this terms.

shows the Maxwell equations with only the pertinent terms (ρ, j = 0)

It depends on exactly how you translate your question. Acoustic waves are waves of properties of a tool consisting the matter. In other words, the tide you space describing is a residential property of a medium. So in situation of phonological you describe the wave as a perturbation of the neighborhood air pressure. However that naturally dictates that you have actually air and also therefor a tool existing that mass.

The wave of light is a change in the electric and also magnetic field which room properties in space and time yet on optimal of that, they space their very own properties. The visibility of the electric field and magnetic ar (which some see as just a mix of electrical fields and relativity) is the tool of light. Allow me placed that in some better words. An electric field is a physics quantity defined in an are and time and therefor doesn't require any kind of special content in order to exist. The field is always there.

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The fees you mention only develop these electromagnetic waves , they are not the tool they exist in.