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Replacing the waterpump on my 07ram 5.7 engine.Need to confirm torque and also glad to hear any type of other advice etc. I"m also replacing Tstat rated in ~ 205 and new clutch fan along with brand-new upper/lower rad hoses.I recognize the lil bleed valve ~ above the Tstat have to be
12 O"clock.Flushed heater main point which actually looked good as did the hose flush of the engine that i done when the pump was removed.I"m doing part cleaning of my engine and compartment while accessibility is great to perform so.I"ve to be unable to traction up the torque needed to install the new pump.So if anyone deserve to share this info I"d appreciate.Thanks-DeWayne

Wow,interesting.Well i can dominance out the diesel specs as I have actually the 5.7 gas hemi. See the high numbers for the 4.7 seems a little high together I put a new waterpump top top a 4.7 Durango we once had and of food the architecture is different and also althougth i done the 4.7 by "feel" together I secured the pump i couls see just how 43ft lbs would work with that pump.So I"m also wondering if any type of of the bolts travel into the water jackets i beg your pardon would require sealant.
I dunno, ns just discovered this in the manual and also did a "copy and paste". Appears strange that it only listed those 2 engines. Think it can be a misprint? maybe I"ll examine a pair of other manuals.
Another chart in the "01 hand-operated on page 7-17 states 30 ft.lbs for the gas engine.:doh:Also, on page 7-70:
(2) using a new gasket, install water pump toengine together follows: overview water pump nipple intobypass hose as pump is gift installed. Install waterpump bolts (Fig. 52). Tighten water pump mounting​
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