The Compliance Enforcement department investigates cases of document fraud and identity theft that involve the use of DMV processes.

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We likewise investigate complaints against auto dealers and similar businesses, body shops, garages, emissions inspection stations and also driving schools.

We perform not manage complaints concerning towing, movers or taxicabs. Because that a finish list the enforcement agencies, visit Vehicles in Business.


Business Licensing

The Occupational and Business licensing Section concerns DMV patent to practically every company in the motor auto industry: dealers, lessors, distributors, brokers, manufacturers, rebuilders, body shops, wreckers, rescue pools, transporters, autonomous vehicle developers, emissions inspection stations and driving schools. Repair garages should register through the DMV.

Vehicle salesmen, emissions inspectors and drive school instructors are also licensed individually.

The DMV"s engine Carrier department licenses the fuel industry and also issues IRP/IFTA credentials.



Nevada operates a automobile emission Inspection/Maintenance regime in collaboration with various other federal, state and also local agencies. Watch Emissions.

Emissions trial and error stations room privately owned and also decentralized. Test are required on gasoline and also light-duty diesel vehicles based in and also around the ras Vegas valley in Clark County and in numerous parts that Washoe County.

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Identity Theft


You should call your local law enforcement if you believe you might be a victim of identification theft. If her driver"s license information has been misused, record a DMV id Theft Complaint type (CED 013). A police report is not required however is strongly encouraged.

For more information regarding identify theft, you re welcome visit the Nevada Attorney general Identity Theft Program. The Federal trade Commission also has advice on certain steps you can take if you space a victim of identity theft.


Visit Nevada customer Affairs for details on fraud in other areas such as finance, actual estate and Internet scams.

Public Hearings

See public Hearings because that legal notices on proposed regulatory alters for licensees and for the Emissions Advisory Committee and the Automotive affairs Advisory Board. Our Motor auto Laws page has links come Nevada statutes and administrative code.

Smog Spotter Hotline


The Nevada DMV operates the Smog Spotter regime to encourage the public to report smoking cigarettes vehicles virtual or by telephone. Visit SmogSpotter.com or call (844) END-SMOG (844-363-7664).

Be a Smog Spotter and also report smoking cigarettes vehicles. The DMV will investigate reports on any type of vehicle through a Nevada registration, including heavy-duty diesel trucks and vehicles based in landscape areas.

Compliance Enforcement Office areas Top ↑

These workplaces are for Compliance Enforcement business only.

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call these workplaces if you would choose to record a complaint versus a DMV licensee or reach an investigator. For all other DMV issues, please call one that the key numbers as provided in Office places or send an email.