In today’s blog post, you’ll discover all the details on road-tripping indigenous Santa Rosa, NM, to Amarillo, TX. The best things come do and the ideal places come stop and also visit.

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It’s a journey of 172 miles. You space going to pass through Tucumcari, Vega, Adrian and also arrive in Amarillo, Texas.

Today you’ll overcome the Midpoint. Midpoint is the point that indicates we’re already halfway. Besides, we will change of state, and also we’ll pass new Mexico and also get into Texas.

From Tucumcari, we’ll find some part of route 66 fine preserved, and they room worthy.

Yet it is a section where we will not have plenty of stops, though the persons we’ll have actually are quite good. In ~ least, I chosen them an extremely much.

An important part of this section, route 66, overlaps I-40, so, unfortunately, we will need to drive the Highway during some sections, especially before Tucumcari.


Route 66 from Santa Rosa come Amarillo

Route 66 from Santa Rosa to Amarillo


Today we deserve to start easy, not choose yesterday; it to be a hard day. So, as I always say (I understand I repeat myself a lot), a an excellent breakfast, and also let’s start the day.

What room the obligated stops for today? Tucumcari, Midpoint (Adrian), Cadillac Ranch (just before Amarillo), and large Texan Steak Ranch (Amarillo). In Amarillo, friend can additionally visit antique shops and also Texan stores the sell commodities for Texan people. What space those products?

Well, items such as cowboy boots, jeans, cowboy hats, and those renowned horns some civilization put simply on the car’s front. However I don’t want to walk ahead (as always). So stop go action by step.

Route 66

We start in Santa Rosa; in ~ this point, the desert began to take result in mine mood, and I really want to see much more green landscapes.

But there are remaining Texas and also Oklahoma before starting means up north towards Chicago. And also here it is wherein you start to establish the vastness that this country.

Just stop and think just how much girlfriend have already driven, and also today is when we pass the allude that suggests that we room halfway! merely brutal.

Santa Rosa – Tucumcari

So we start driving this day the I-40 because from Santa Rosa to Tucumcari path 66 overlaps I-40. The a big of about 58 miles.

Nothing interesting along the way. In Tucumcari, you uncover some classics you need to see prefer the Tucumcari Tonite, The Blue swallow Motel, the path 66 Restaurant, or the Cactus motor Lodge, now called Cactus RV Park.

The Blue sloop down Motel

The Blue sloop down Motel is a motel developed in the beforehand 1940s; this hotel was offered as one engagement present to Lillian Redman in 1958 and also was open and also working for the next 40 years.

The Blue swallow is really famous because that its authenticity and also mid-century style, including, of course, that famous and also unique neon.

As a curiosity, permit me tell you the Lillian Redman was a Harvey Girl; that is, she to be recruited by the agency of Fred Harvey, who owned restaurants in cities connected by rail.

And her contract mentioned that she had actually to have “good ethical character” and also specified that she couldn’t marry and also strictly adhere to every the that company rules, in ~ least during her job.

She came to be an institution, however due to health problems, she had actually to sell it in 1998.

Tucumcari – Adrian (Midpoint Cafe)

We leaving Tucumcari, wherein we can take few of the initial sections of route 66. Indigenous Tucumcari, course 66 operation parallel come I-40 top top its left next if you space going to Texas.

In fact, the key street in Tucumcari at the leave of city is Tucumcari Blvd, and also then it’s renamed Rte 66. So keep on it, and do not get into the I-40. You have the right to follow the initial route to mountain Jon easily.

Route 66

From san Jon, course 66 disappears, or the road is impassable and also is nearly a dirt track; the better, unfortunately, is to acquire into I-40. Girlfriend are about to cross the border between brand-new Mexico and also Texas.

Again route 66 and I-40 overlap at the very least up come Adrian. However you have actually to leave from the highway and get into Adrian !, you room on the means to The Midpoint Café.

Midpoint Cafe

You are exactly halfway. Leave behind 1139 miles, and you have actually ahead various other 1139 miles of the route. So it is a great time come stop and have a snack. First, the course, you’ll have to take a snapshot of the signal at Midpoint Café.

Midpoint cafe & Fer…

Keep on course 66, i beg your pardon overlaps the I-40 to Vega, is a short tour of about 16 miles. In Vega, there is one old gas station dubbed Magnolia Gas Station.

Vega – Amarillo

We space close come our destination, Amarillo. We have actually ahead 37 miles. But, first, we need to drive v the I-40. At Vega, we saw a curious bikers bar named Roosters. The deserved a photo; you’ll also see buildings that it seems ~ to have come native the western movies.


Leave Vega behind and also keep driving, however be mindful not to get distracted! You should take leave 60!

It’s a protect against just before entering Amarillo, The Cadillac Ranch. We were unable to find any indication top top the net at that time, and also it was a small hard to discover it. You know you’ve picked the suitable exit since there is a gas station dubbed Love’s take trip Stop.

Cadillac Ranch

Then, once you drive follow me the organization road because that 300 or 400 meters, your best is the Cadillac Ranch.

The Cadillac Ranch is a piece of city art i was delegated by the local leader Stanley Marsh come a team of artist who dubbed themselves The Ant Farm. 2 architects founded this team in the 60s, and they were countless artists participating.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is composed of 10 Cadillacs partially hidden into the ground at an angle, pointing their trunks towards the sky. The tradition is come go through a spray can and also do graffiti top top cars, nothing worry, that is part of the work.

They are periodically repainted v a base color so world can go back to graffiti again. Its present location is not the original. It was moved when route 66 to be redesign, and also its initial layout to be moved.

Big Texan Steak Ranch

Probably the time because that lunch, so I have kept a really famous restaurant, and component of history, not just of route 66 but throughout the US, is the huge Texan Steak Ranch. This restaurant is famed throughout the unified States because everything is huge.

The most famed is the Steak the 72 ounces, and the restaurant bets you the if you order a 72 ounces steak through all its side dishes and fully finish it, you don’t have to pay.

But you have to know there space $ 72, at least when It to be 72$ as soon as I was there. For this reason no need to say it’s nearly impossible to finish it.

Big Texan Steak Ranch & Vero…

And after having actually a great lunch, you deserve to take a walk with the Boots & blue jeans Store, a very details shop whereby they sell typical cowboy articles. Yet not for tourists, yet them. The boots space fine, and also jeans and hats too.

When I witnessed the bull horns to choose what to put on the prior of mine car, ns didn’t know exactly how to react. Actually, ns was city hall them together foolish. Ns leave the resolve if you want to walk to 2225 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX 79109.

Boots & blue jeans Store

Finally, if you desire to know an ext about the city, friend will discover curious neck shops and some quite murals.

I let you rest. Although, now was light!

“Travel is fatal come prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – note Twain.

This post is part of a series about path 66 Itinerary.

Day 7. Santa Rosa. Nuevo México – Amarillo. Texas. 172 Miles.

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