Did you understand that rapper Lil Wayne is just one of the couple of rappers who went to college?

Did Lil Wayne walk to college? correctly or No?

Interestingly this is just one of the most usual question pan of Lil Wayne often tend to ask. For part strange factor everybody appears to want to understand if the gangster rapper saw college or not. Ns don’t recognize why the answer to this particular question is so essential to many.

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Anyway Lil Wayne did go to college. Correct Wayne to visit university, and also is among the few rappers that not just excelled in your rap job but likewise excelled academically.

The interesting thing around Wayne is the many world really don’t recognize who he really is. They watch his public personality and assume the is just how he is, yet the reality of the matter is the looks have the right to sometimes it is in deceptive.

Lil Wayne attended the college of Houston in 2005 after he earned an exceptional GED. The tried to combine his research studies with his music career but unfortunately points did not work well for him. His chop schedule as a successful musician conflicted a lot through his classes in ~ the university of Houston. He thus had no other option than to drop out.

But Wayne was determined not come say goodbye to education so he gave it another shot. This time he enrolled at the college of Phoenix and also took their virtual courses in psychology. Follow to reports, Wayne was so great that he earned high qualities while pursuing greater education at both college of Houston and University of Phoenix.

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Thumbs up to Lil Wayne for excelling both in music and also academics!

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