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In The Cay by Theodore Taylor , Phillip and also his mom are leaving for Miami and on to Norfolk, their hometown in America. They room leaving since Curacao, whereby Phillip"s father functions on a refinery, is no longer safe. The ship will certainly sail to Colon at the enntrance gate to the Panama...

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In The Cay by Theodore Taylor, Phillip and his mom are leaving for Miami and also on come Norfolk, their hometown in America. They room leaving due to the fact that Curacao, wherein Phillip"s father functions on a refinery, is no longer safe. The ship will certainly sail come Colon in ~ the enntrance gate to the Panama Canal very first to do a delivery of 4 pumps. That is 1942, and it is battle time. The delivery they are traveling ~ above is torpedoed. Phillip and also his mother scramble to do their way to the lifeboats, yet the watercraft tips and also after several hrs in the water, over there is no sign of Phillip"s mother. There is only Timothy, whom Phillip explains as "a huge, really old Negro."

An i can not qualify friendship develops in between Phillip and also Timothy together they shot to make it through their ordeal ~ above a little raft. Timothy tries to relief Phillip and also they continue to drift. Phillip is nagged by one ever-increasing headache and also in thing four, we wakes up blind. He is now completely dependent top top Timothy. At the end of chapter six, Timothy spots an island and they are both much relieved when they feel the grains of sand beneath their feet, although Phillip wonders if a deserted island is any better than a raft. He would certainly have wanted to remain on the raft, positive of rescue from the Navy.

However, rescue quiet eludes them and Timothy needs to admit the he is concerned that the cay where they room stranded might be cut off indigenous the remainder of the sea by sandbanks. Phillip is terrified the they are currently trapped and also can never be rescued, especially when Timothy walk on to define "Devil"s Mouth," i beg your pardon is u-shaped and has sharp, coral banks running along its side for fourty or fifty miles. Timothy is hoping that they room not in Devil"s Mouth. Their only option is to make a "fire pile" and hope that they are spotted through a plane.