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I am offering a Cub Cadet 450 snowblower. The is complete and has the lift eight attached. It additionally has the supervisor Lift kit already installed. It is located in S.W. NH and also can be choose up right here or buyer should arrange and also pay for shipping. I will likewise be listing this on EBAY and also Craigslist locally, however anyone that mentions they experienced it on the Snowblower Forum will certainly be given a discount the $50.00 off the acquisition price of $900.00

You"d more than likely be better off posting her tractor mounted blower here. For Sale & wanted to to buy (Your Location) - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best place for Tractor info you"ll generate much more interest.Not certain if you"re a member there yet it"s our parental site. 99% of united state in this forum room using to walk behind blowers. Expect you get it sold. You"re declaring it in ~ the appropriate time of year.

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Thank you!
I wasn"t really sure where to list this one! ns will carry out that best now. Say thanks to you because that the help.
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