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In his DVD special, mental Freak, Criss angel performed a trick the most human being thought to be done through CGI (computer created imagery). Yet the reality is, it to be real. He did it live without the aid of any computer editing.

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This is how Criss angel walks through a solid glass window without breaking it.

What does it look like?

In the trick, Criss angel visits a shop. He has the human being stand outside of the office window.

He then has two civilization hold increase a big piece of record to cover the area whereby he will certainly come the end of. He provides sure the everyone have the right to see that it is solid glass with no openings.

He walks approximately to the various other side. Then every one of a sudden there is a rip made v the large record and Criss’ hand comes sticking out. The audience is in disbelief.

He go on and sticks his whole body through the window until the is out onto the other side. They immediately remove the piece of paper, and also the window is untouched.

Watch Criss Angel execute the trick:

The trick is revealed

The way he go this is in reality pretty brilliant. That does have aides involved in the cheat so the “spectators” in his DVD performance are obviously just actors. You deserve to actually watch what a destructive job they do at exhilaration surprised if you clock them carefully.

So just how is the done?

The assistants are hiding on the various other side, crouching listed below the window sill. The window is custom constructed into the frame. It’s actually extremely tall, and has a tiny opening reduced out in ~ the bottom.

It’s hard to see clearly, however thats a rectangle reduced out that the window. Girlfriend can notification the handle on both sides for the aides to manoeuvre it.

The window is developed to slide up and also down.

So when the magician move to the various other side that the window, the assistants simply on slide the glass up far enough so the the opening is up above the sill.

The opening is still spanned by the piece of paper on the other side so it’s impossible to view it from there.

Then, the magician cuts a tiny hole v a sharp tool favor a pond or pocket knife and also rips it open with his hand.

On the other side, it looks as if the magician simply put his hand through solid glass.

Then, the magician proceeds to placed his whole body through it till his totality body is ~ above the various other side.

The glass is slid ago down and the record is removed to present that the glass continues to be intact.

Watch the complete reveal video clip to see just how it’s done

It’s a typical theme in a lot of Criss Angel’s videos. The spectators room fake. They’re there simply to magnify the effect.

Unfortunately, a lot of of human being can record this because their exhilaration is terrible.

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In this case, friend need aides to perform this trick. It takes a the majority of preparation, however the result of it provides you look favor you room some kind of supernatural being.