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Excision that lipoma top top chest wall

Publication Date:December 2011

ICD 10 to be Edition:Seventh edition

Query Number: 2639

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patience admitted into hospital because that excision that lipoma uncovered on the chest wall. Follow to the procedure report the lesion was eliminated up to the muscular structure. This has been coded come the following:D17.4 benign lipomatous neoplasm of intrathoracic body organ withM8856/0 Intramuscular Lipoma through the adhering to procedure codes:31350-00 <1566> excision lesion the soft organization with38418-00 <561> Exploratory thoracotomyor have to we be coding this come 90175-00 <567> other actions on chest wall?Currently this groups to 801C. How should the procedure it is in coded? Please describe attached operation report and histology report.
This query was originally published in the 2011-12 December Database together follows:Whilst the procedure perform is documented as excision biopsy, based on our interpretation of the operation report which claims "lesion dissected and removed (intramuscular)", we take into consideration only procedure password 31350-00 <1566> cut lesion that soft organization is forced as the entire lesion was removed, by following Index entry Excision/lesion/soft tissue NEC. VICC complied with this index entry in accordance v the meaning of soft tissue in ACS 1331 Soft organization injuries which claims "soft organization is characterized as organization that connects, support or surrounds various other structures and organs that the body. Soft tissue includes muscles, nerves, tendons, fat, blood or lymph vessels, fasciae and tissue roughly joints (synovial tissue) (that is, all tissue excluding skin, subcutaneous tissue, cartilage and bone)".The correct primary diagnosis code to entrust is D17.7 light lipomatous neoplasm of other sites adhering to Index entrance "Lipoma, specified website NEC". D17.4 is not considered ideal as the chest wall surface is not an intrathoracic organ. When assigning the principal diagnosis password D17.7 the instance will group to J11Z various other Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast Procedures.This query has actually been reviewed for currency and also has to be updated together follows:Whilst the procedure performed is recorded as cut biopsy, based upon our translate of the operation report which claims "lesion dissected and also removed (intramuscular)", we think about only procedure password 31350-00 <1566> excision lesion that soft organization is required as the entire lesion was removed. Following Index entry Excision/lesion(s)/soft tissue NEC. The correct primary diagnosis password to assign is D17.7 benign lipomatous neoplasm of other sites following Index entry "Lipoma, specified website NEC".

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D17.4 is no considered appropriate as the chest wall surface is no an intrathoracic organ. As soon as assigning the principal diagnosis code D17.7 the case will team to J11Z other Skin, Subcutaneous Tissue and Breast procedures