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The summary climate graph because that Portland, OR shows a selection of temperature, rainfall and also snow minimum, mean and also maximum steps over the food of a year. Click each that the procedures in the an essential to toggle them on and also off.

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The warmest month in Portland International, Portland, Oregon is August with an median high temperature of 81.4°F. The hottest day on document was July 2 1942 when the temperature fight 107.2°F. During January the overnight temperature drops come an median of 34.0°F through the shortest temperature of -2.0°F being taped on January 31 1950.
The warmest job on document are:

2 Jul 1942107.2°F
11 Aug 1981106.9°F
30 Jul 2009106°F
3 Sep 1988105.1°F
17 Aug 1977104°F

The warmest month on median were:

July 198589.7°F
July 200989.4°F
August 198688.5°F
August 198187.4°F
July 199686.5°F

The coldest work on document are:

31 january 1950-2°F
2 Feb 1950-0.9°F
26 january 19577°F
17 Dec 19648.1°F
6 Feb 19899°F

The coldest month on mean were:

January 194922.6°F
January 195023.3°F
January 193723.7°F
January 197924.6°F
December 198525.5°F


The wettest month in Portland, OR is December v an mean of 3.6 inches of rain fallout’s on 20 come 21 days. The driest month in Portland, OR is July with an median of 0.5 customs of rain fall on 5 come 6 days.

Wettest Days

The wettest work on record are:

7 November 20062.6 inches
1 November 19942.4 inches
26 November 19982.4 inches
23 November 20112.3 inches
2 November 19842.3 inches

Wettest Months

The wettest month on record are:

November 200611.9 inches
December 197711.5 inches
November 197311.4 inches
January 200610.4 inches
November 199510.3 inches

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Driest Months

The driest months on document are:

May 19380 inches
January 19440 inches
January 19500 inches
February 19610 inches
October 19360 inches


The climate an introduction for this web page is based upon data native the worldwide Summary that the Day and is based on weather observations in between May 1936 through to December 2012 in ~ Portland International, Portland, Oregon .