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Well im in a bind hopefully someone deserve to help. Im obtaining 2 various locations native shops on ar of bank 2 sensor 1 on mine 2005 chrysler 300 minimal (rwd) 3.5l v6. The code was po153. I understand its the front however is that passenger or drivers side? thanks in advance.
For the 3.5l, financial institution 1 is the weird numbered cylinders and also bank 2 is the even numbered cylinders. For her 3.5l (north-south orientation - rwd), bank 1 will be passenger side and bank 2 the driver side.

FWIW, financial institution 1 O2 is always the financial institution #1 cylinder is on. This is an SAE standard and also is also part of the OBD-II demands on standardization. As long as you know which cylinder is #1, you room in great shape.

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On a connected note, just use ntk or oem o2 sensors together replacements. Various other brands will not be together effective and also may cause continued obd codes. This attach gives the reason why.https://www.youtubecom/watch?v=-lUYRqaYvYI
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