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Mercenaries 2: world in Flames Cheats for Xbox 360

Unlockable Costumes to unlock Costumes you must finish level 3 that a weapon challenge, this deserve to be done by talk to Fiona at your PMC, every time you finish a level 3 weapon difficulty you will receive one of three costumes.

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Contributed by: xXMooCowsXx

totally free Vehicle Repair and also Rearming

At any time throughout the video game when you have a auto that needs repairing or more ammo, you can gain both for cost-free by entering any type of allied HQ or outpost, girlfriend don"t have to buy something or also take a contract, simply leave. As soon as you leave, your automobile is completely repaired and rearmed waiting for friend outside.

Contributed by: Mooseoh


Complete each achievement to acquire the allotted gamerscore.

success Achievement Verify every high value targets. capture all HVTs alive. ruin 20 buildings. to win the Winching an obstacle three times. Snipe 50 enemy automobile drivers. knife $1 billion. usage 20 airstrikes in co-op. Unlock every shop items. You accomplished maximum universal Petroleum mood. shot accelerating and also braking at the exact same time. Play with a Mercenaries 2 developer or a player who currently has this Achievement. You accomplished maximum P.L.A.V. Mood. finish one of Fiona"s challenges. damage 50 objects using melee. Successfully finish 10 activity hijacks. You obtained the PMC. finish three different races. ruin 50 objects through a grenade. You completed maximum Pirate mood. damage 50 objects with an RPG launcher. completed maximum Chinese mood. You combated for Caracas. do all factions HOSTILE. damage 200 objects indigenous the gunner chair in co-op. girlfriend recruited Eva. beat co-op with a friend. capture all outposts for a single faction. girlfriend hijacked the tank in the villa. You confirmed Blanco. You completed the tutorial. get 25 headshots. accomplished maximum an mood. earn $1 million. you recruited Misha. perfect Mercenaries 2. You completed "Rescue Carmona." Unlock every landing zones. Come in an initial during a co-op race. girlfriend recruited Ewan. You verified Carmona.
...And righteousness For every (50)
Aces High (50)
Armaggedon it (20)
Balls to the wall surface (20)
Be rapid or be Dead (10)
Billion dissension Babies (25)
Damage, Inc. (50)
Digital guy (20)
Dirty Deeds (10)
Eat the heat (10)
Everybody desires Some!! (50)
Forever free (10)
Gone Shootin" (20)
Hail and Kill (20)
Heavy steel Thunder (10)
Hello, Hooray (50)
Highway to Hell (10)
Holy exhilaration (20)
Island of domination (10)
Little Savage (20)
Longing for Fire (10)
No Compromise, No Regrets (20)
No more Mr. Nice male (10)
Nothin" yet a an excellent Time (50)
Oil and also Gasoline (20)
Partners in Crime (50)
Pipeline (20)
Ride the Dragon (10)
Runnin" through the evil one (20)
School"s out (20)
Shoot to Thrill (20)
Stand Up and also Shout (10)
Tattooed Millionaire (25)
The Analog son (20)
The Hero and the Madman (50)
The fury (20)
We"ll Burn the sky (50)
Wheels of steel (50)
Wild One (20 points)
You much better Run (20)

Contributed by: safety Master, Renamon, BMTeliko

Cheat password

The patch indigenous Xbox Live is compelled for this cheats to be entered. Hit back to carry up your PDA.Type in: LB RB RB LB RB LB LB RB RB RB LBHit back.You will obtain a prompt. Read CAREFULLY! as soon as cheat mode is engaged, you can not earn achievements on that save. EVER.Then, hit back to accessibility your PDA again, and without moving the cursor off the PMC top top the map, type the adhering to codes ~ above the D-Pad.Codes native Pandemic Forums.

result Effect increase Up Up under Down down right Left under Up ideal Left down Up Left ideal Right Left up Up Left increase Up under Left ideal Right Left up Up under Down Left appropriate Left best Up down Left right Left Left Up down Left Down right Right Up right Down Left up up Left Down right Up
Fill Fuel (Executable by one of two people player, only affects the player who executed it)
Give every Airstrikes (except nuke) (Executable by either player, only affects the player who executed it)
Give All provides (Executable by one of two people player, only affects the player who executed it)
Give all Vehicles(25 each) (Executable by one of two people player, just affects the player who executed it)
Give Nuke (25)Up Up down Down Left right Left ideal (Executable by either player, only affects the player who executed it)
Infinite Ammo(Executable by either player, just affects the player who executed it)
Invincibility activates for both players.

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If a client joins a video game with one invincible host the client is make invincible together well)
Unlock all Costumes(Executable by either player, just affects the player that executed it)
Unlock Grapping Hook (When enforcement by either player, activates because that both players. If a client joins a game, they have access as well)

Contributed by: AJAQ007

Walkthroughs & FAQs

kind Name file Size basic FAQs basic FAQs general FAQs thorough FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough by Das_Shnyker 34K
FAQ/Walkthrough by insomniac_dog 163K
FAQ/Walkthrough by GloriousLeader 76K
Achievement/Trophy guide by MasterVG782 27K