when charline-picon.coming, girlfriend come throughout many different levels of water safety. In some countries you have the right to drink the madness water, and also in rather you need to avoid the at every costs.

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Where execute you draw the line as soon as you know the water isn"t safe to drink?

Brushing her teeth?Washing dishes?Washing her hands?Washing clothes?

Do you likewise have to stop eating anything that"s liquid uneven it"s hot?

I"ll give an example. I"m staying at a guesthouse in Bali that has actually a mutual kitchen. There"s a sign specifically stating the the water is non-potable, yet we are asked to wash our bowl there. So the exact same cups ns would usage for eating and drinking have been washed through water the isn"t safe. I"ve to be doing it because that a week and also have to be fine.


ns am assuming that your meaning of non potable water is madness water, you have the right to use tap water for anything ... As long as you dont drink it.
This is difficult to answer through an authoritative resource since the top quality of non-potable water varies widely from the resource it originates from (is the groundwater? flow water? is there anything recycled from drainwater indigenous houses?) and even in ~ a country.

I"m speaking mainly from my endure living in India, but in exercise I have seen similar practices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand too. None of this places have actually potable water supply; the resource is typically river or lake water. The factor why they space classed non-potable is primarily due to the fact that of high mineral content or particulate matter, which have the right to be purified for human usage by physical filtration as opposed to bacterial disinfection - although as it has become cheaper and an ext compact to make ultraviolet or reverse osmosis filter for home use, these are likewise used. Bacteria or viruses room the causes for most water-borne diseases, those can gain into the water it is provided if untreated raw sewage is dumped right into water resources which thankfully many civil authorities room not stupid enough to do.

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So for the nations I mentioned, in practice, while that is customary come purify water for drinking either by boil or making use of filtration devices, for various other purposes such together washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning hands, bathing, brushing this et al - essentially, anything the does not involve ingesting water, tap water is provided directly. The water may taste funny for circumstances if you"re brushing your this - that"s due to the fact that of the high mineral or stole content typically - however as because that safety, yes, it can be considered safe.