CBS affiliate News 6 reported the a 7-year-old"s elf on the shelf had actually to go into emergency surgery after an regrettably accident.

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The Florida mother was maybe to save Christmas for she 7-year-old daughter ~ performing the surgical treatment in their home.

Jenn Thelen is a nurse in Orlando. She said that their 2-year-old German shepherd, Zoey, had gotten a organize of the elf, which walk not finish well.

The elves eight was apparently chewed off.

“She’s 7, therefore she’s type of in ~ that period where we try to store the Christmas magic alive,” Thelen called News 6. “Monday morning, i woke as much as her screaming bloody murder. She was simply hysterical.”

But instead of having actually it placed a damper on your holiday spirit, Thelen put her nursing an abilities to the test.

“We put the elf top top the stretcher, and also Ashley, among our paramedics, dressed up in the trauma room wait for the elf,” Thelen told News 6. “Ashley go an amazing task sewing the up.”

But us all understand these wonder elves can"t it is in touched. Therefore News 6 said that Thelen offered special gloves to execute the procedure.

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“They were magical Santa gloves therefore Ashley can touch the elf,” she said. “We added that in due to the fact that I knew Aubrie would certainly ask.”

It was a big surprise for the 7-year-old when she came residence from institution that job finding the the elf was as good as new!

News 6 says that Thelen had actually shared images and video clip of the surgical procedure to assure her daughter that every little thing was walking to be okay.

way up high right currently away native the dog,” Thelen said. “He’s hanging out on among those American Doll couches top top the China room in the dining room this morning.”






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