There are countless ways come eat healthily and also to it is in in perfect shape. A renowned “key” for losing weight is eat healthily and likewise introducing wheat bran (WB) to her diet.

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However, if you discover yourself in a instance where you room out the wheat bran, we have actually the equipment for you. Together you probably guessed, wheat bran deserve to be substituted, however what other comparable products have the right to be provided instead?

The best substitutes for wheat bran space oat bran, flaxseed, wheat germ, rice bran, oatmeal, totality wheat flour, and also many more.

Bran is the tough outer class of the wheat kernel, that is stripped away. That is taste is sweet and also it has actually a nutty flavor.

It is a good source that nutrients and protein, short in fat, and a very great source of dietary fiber. It help to struggle diseases and heart problems and it is for sure to consume – except for those world who have actually gluten allergies.

This is why there are so many recipes include wheat bran – it’s healthy and it adds more texture and flavor come bread, muffins, and also other small pastries.

Wheat Bran Substitutes

1. Oat Bran


This type of flour is made the end of the entirety grain but keeps a high level the vitamins, minerals, and also fiber. This type of flour is used greatly for baking or come thicken dishes. Examine this one on Amazon.

It has actually a more intense flavor because of the greater level the fiber and also when supplied you have to add much more water, but it is definitely on the perform of possible substitutes for WB.

Related questions:

Here you can find the many FAQ pertained to wheat bran, so review on to inform yourself:

Is wheat bran the same as bran?

Yes, it is. A wheat kernel is make of bran, endosperm, and also germ. The bran is the exterior part of the wheat kernel. The bran is stripped away and also becomes a byproduct.

What is unprocessed wheat bran?

It’s make from normally separating the protective outer layer the the wheat that includes vitamins and minerals. It’s not just a fiber supplement, it’s much more natural and really healthy for your digestive system.

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How lot wheat bran must you eat?

Normally, for constipation up to 20 or 25 grams the WB per day. Because that high blood pressure, 3 come 6 grams daily. Because that irritable bowel syndrome, 30 grams every day.