ns was trying come get earlier into play guitar. I only took lessons for a couple of years through a nylon string etc that was fairly cheap. As soon as I pulled the guitar out that the attic it needed new strings so i purchased medium steel strings. I know regret not acquiring light strings. However, i am wondering if there is a difference in between the worry board that a nylon guitar and a steel guitar. I understand medium strings are harder to push down yet I should used a ridiculous amount of pressure to gain a good sound and also sometimes ns feel like the frets seem lower on my guitar. Is the guitar just made come be offered with nylon strings?

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Remove the steel strings immediately. They will certainly permanently damage your guitar.

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Do not use light-gauge steel strings either. You must only usage nylon strings top top this guitar.

Steel strings placed much an ext tension top top the neck of a guitar contrasted to nylon strings.

Guitars draft for stole strings have very stiff, strong necks with a metal truss rod within the neck design to against the additional tension native the stole strings.

Classical guitars designed because that nylon strings typically do not have actually a truss pole in the neck, and the neck is constructed only to withstand the lower tension that the nylon strings.

Furthermore, the optimal of the timeless guitar and the bridge space braced underneath only to stand up to the much reduced tension of the nylon strings.

If you save those steel strings on your guitar, the neck will certainly permanently bend and warp, the height of the guitar will certainly "belly up" and warp, and the leg will ultimately rip loosened from whereby it is glued to the peak of the guitar, taking a great deal the the hardwood of the optimal of the guitar v it. Your guitar will certainly be ruined. It will certainly not it is in feasible to fix the damage.

Never, never ever put stole strings ~ above a classical guitar constructed for nylon strings.


I walk the maths based on data indigenous string sets in ~ the D"Addario string firm web site.

A typical set of regular-gauge stole acoustic etc strings puts 179 lbs (81.3kg) of anxiety on a guitar.

A typical collection of nylon strings put 83.6 lbs (37.9kg) of tension on a guitar.

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Therefore if you placed steel strings ~ above a classical guitar, you are more than doubling the quantity of tension and also strain the the classic guitar has actually been developed to handle.