Whether you’ve preferred the sleek 2-row Lexus RX or the spacious RXL with seven seats, you’re behind the wheel that a auto that’s qualified of offering a high-end experience in Larchmont, new Rochelle, and also Yonkers, NY. That course, you want to save it to run smoothly.

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Does the Lexus RX require premium gas? That’s a question we’ve heard from plenty of drivers over the years. You want to be certain you’re placing the appropriate gasoline in your vehicle, of course. Continue reading to learn an ext and call the Lexus the Larchmont team if girlfriend have any further questions.

Do I must Put Premium Gas in the RX?

You should only use unleaded petrol in the RX, with an octane rating of 87 or higher. This means the Lexus RX walk not require premium gasoline, together the premium octane rating is 91 or higher. That course, friend are totally free to put premium gas in her Lexus RX, as it deserve to provide better performance, however it is not needed.

It’s precious noting that any gasoline offered in the RX shouldn’t be greater than 15% in ethanol. If petrol has an ext than 15% ethanol, or is referred to as flex-fuel, it need to not be used in your luxury Lexus SUV. It’s ideal to look at for another option if you check out this in ~ the pump. Lexus likewise does not recommend using gas that has methanol or MMT.

If gasoline through an octane rating of reduced than 87 is used, it could lead come engine knocking noises. Continuous use of gasoline below this rating could lead to engine issues. Be sure you’re making use of the right gas for your RX.


The RX, when the appropriate gasoline is being used, is an reliable SUV prepared for highway and also city travels. What have the right to you suppose from the RX once it concerns fuel efficiency? We’re glad you asked. See below for MPG ratings because that RX front-wheel journey (FWD) models:

RX 350 FWD/RX 350 F sport FWD: EPA-estimated 20 city/27 highway MPGRX 350L FWD: EPA-estimated 19 city/26 highway MPG

Of course, girlfriend can select to equip your Lexus RX through all-wheel journey (AWD). If you pick to execute that, this will change the MPG ratings:

RX 350 AWD/RX 350 F sport AWD: EPA-estimated 19 city/26 highway MPGRX 350L AWD: EPA-estimated 18 city/25 highway MPG

We’ll Take treatment of your Lexus


Of course, putting the right gasoline right into your Lexus RX is just one method to ensure the best feasible performance. End time, specific services will have to be performed come make sure the engine is taken care of.

Of course, one oil change is at the height of the list. Once your automobile has not only the best amount of oil, but additionally the freshest oil possible, it can run efficiently. Conventional oil often tends to malfunction after 5,000 or 7,500 mile of driving, despite vehicles with synthetic oil prefer the RX may be able to last up to 10,000 miles in between oil changes.

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Ensure girlfriend Feed your Lexus the Best

If you want to reap the roads, it’s essential to take treatment of your Lexus RX. The Lexus RX go not require premium gas, but it need to receive gas through an octane rating that at least 87.

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When you’re in ~ the gas station close to Larchmont, brand-new Rochelle, or Yonkers, brand-new York, be sure to look for this octane level. Carry out you have actually questions because that our Lexus the Larchmont team? We’re here to price them.

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