Mario Party Superstars arrives worldwide today and, based on vital consensus at least, the looks favor it can be among the finest entries into the series.

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Superstars takes few of the many beloved boards native the series’ specifying era top top the N64 and minigames from transparent the series history, prior to amalgamating them right into one giant, chaotic party.

As with most Mario Party games, there room bound come be debates aplenty together friends and also family stealing stars, coins and also board spaces far from you, especially now that the title has an virtual multiplayer component.

However, countless players are wondering if the minigames rely on movement controls or even if it is players will be able to use their pro Controller on Mario Party Superstars. Let’s take a look!

Can You usage A pro Controller on Mario Party Superstars?

Thankfully, the prize is a basic yes.

As all of the title’s minigames space coming come Mario Party Superstars indigenous the N64 era, when activity controls no a thing, every command is mapped come a button.

This way that players have the right to use any kind of control castle desire, consisting of Joy-Cons, a pro Controller or any kind of other third-party piece of hardware.

The many recent entry come the series, Super Mario Party, would also enable players to use a agree Controller, however, as many of the games relied on movement controls, the wasn’t always the many optimal controller choice.

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Whichever controller you use, be all set for a ton of funny as Mario Party superstars hits the Nintendo switch both physically and digitally today, October 29.

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