Fusion summoning is once you fuse various monster with each rather to produce a an ext power monster out of those.

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To be able to blend summon you require to have actually two conditions. The an initial is having actually the required fusion Materials (Monsters which are essential for the combination Monster to have the ability to be blend Summoned) ~ above the field or on your hand. The second is by having a fusion card, favor the all known…



Most fusion Monsters deserve to be summoned by using by Monsters the cab substitute one required combination Material. These Monsters every called fusion Substitutes. Among the most renowned ones is

King of The Swamp


Imagine you have actually 2 Blue-Eyes White Dragons and also a Polymerization in her hand however your 3rd one is absent and then you draw King of The Swamp and also can usage that to summon Blue-Eyes can be fried Dragon.


There are combination Monster the really require those combination Materials and also won"t accept combination Substitute. Among the finest examples is Cyber finish Dragon.


There are likewise a most different combination Spells. We have Flash combination for the quick OTK if you"re happy enough reason it"s a fusion Quick-Play Spell. Climate De-Fusion to defuse you"re fusion Monster and also getting earlier your fusion Materials on the field. And also at last there space some fusion Spells especially for Archetypes choose Red-Eyes Fusion.

But there"s also fusion Monster that can be summoned by a certain Spell card or through Contact combination and Contact fusion doesn"t really loss onto the same group as the normal fusion we every know.

Now because that the blend Monster that require a Spell are for instance the masking HERO Archetype. Those have the right to only be unique Summoned by the effect of a "Mask Change" order Card.


Contact Fusion

Now contact blend is wherein the combination Materials gain either banished or shuffled ago into the Deck. Lock all need to be on the ar to command it.

For a banishing Contact combination we have actually for instance the XYZ-Dragon Cannon, VW-Tiger Catapult, VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult, ABC-Dragon Buster and also A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon.

For the XYZ and VW, VWXYZ and also A-to-Z all products need to it is in on the field but for the abc the materials deserve to be conduct a contact combination whike gift on the field and/or in the graveyard make them very competitive.

For the shuffling Contact fusion we have The Neo-Spacians. Most of them shuffle themselves earlier to the extra deck and there"s a large downside the the monster you provided don"t come back making yourself large open. That can be stop with NEO Space. A field spell that negates the shuffling effect.

The Gladiator Beasts have the very same concept but don"t obtain shuffled ago into the Extra Deck and also so remaining on the field protecting you still.

That"s walk to be it because that today

See you guys in the next One!

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I"m no a dumbass...

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Not one word Chris...

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:tada: Yuya Sakaki :tada:

I feel prefer Super Poly must be ~ above here however it’s banned so climate again perhaps it do not do it be on here :sweat_smile:

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It isnt appropriate tho. Its probably never coming ago so why placed it in?

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I said that i didn"t placed it in and also won"t placed it in.

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Ik ns was just adding on reasoning

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